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Is That... Levi X Reader X Eren-Part 1
After a very long day you were finally able to come home and relax and forget about all the people who had annoyed you all day long. You were quite enjoying yourself, wearing you new pajamas and getting ready for bed. However, right when you pulled back the covers, preparing yourself to crawl into the soft piece of heaven, a knock sounded from your front door. You considered leaving it, after all you had enough of people today. But in the end, your better side won over and you decided it best to answer.
You walked out of your room and through the living room to your front door. You opened the door not sure who you see on the other side but out of all the people you could've guessed would be on the other side, they would've never made the list. You stand, shocked as you look at the two males. One was taller than the other with brown hair, and the other was shorter with dark raven hair. You meet the steel eyes of the shorter one and then the teal eyes of the taller one. It's then
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Our Unconventional Love Story-Levi X Reader
First of all you should know, this isn’t your typical perfect love story. It’s not about two people who have fallen madly in love because their eyes met across a crowded room like a sappy movie. Now don’t get me wrong these two really do love each other very, very much, even if they have a little bit of trouble showing it. The story you’re about to read is about the Valentine’s day that would change their lives. I’ll keep it short, sweet and to the point and maybe, just maybe, you’ll fall in love with this story as much as I have.
   “Oh my gosh, Levi!” Hanji’s loud squeals fill the room and Levi’s mouth moves into a frown from the loud noise that hurts his ears, making them ring a bit.
   “Would you keep it down? I’m going to go deaf if you keep yelling like that.” Levi growls, trying to keep in his usual character despite the excitement bubbling up inside of him.
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The Lockdown-Levi X Nyctophobic Reader
   You sit in math class, listening to your teacher Mr. Shadis explain some project. All your fellow students groan when he says that this project will involve a hunt. We are to look for things around the school to make our own complex problem. Then, after finding out answer and having it checked we have to do each other's problems. Another round of disappointed noises comes when he says that he will be picking our partners. And he makes it very clear that there will be absolutely no switching. You look longingly to your friend on the other side of the room and they return it. Knowing your luck you'd get stuck with somebody who would zero percent of the work. You often did.
    Mr. Shadis starts pointing at people, calling their names in pairs. Each pair stands together against the wall and waits for further instruction. Slowly the number of students in their seats start to dwindle down, and you'd still hadn't been chosen. You scan the remainder, looking to see who
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He Calls Me Princess-Levi X Reader
    Cool rain falls from the sky as I make my way home, cursing myself for not having a car, or at least an umbrella. Those kinds of things tend to slip my mind too often. The again, it was warranted. I spent my money on things to protect myself before I spent it something like an umbrella. Although, a car might not be such a bad investment. Regardless, right now I'm stuck walking in the rain. It was getting late and all I wanted to do was get home and crawl under my blankets and lie my head down on the soft pillow of mine. My house was in better shape than most people's and I liked it that way. It wasn't big, but it was cozy and always kept clean. I made my bed every morning and made sure that the dishes were done and the floor was swept. Some people just didn't care, but like to take care of what I worked so hard to pay for.
    A sudden coldness around my right foot makes me look down to see that I've stepped right in a hu
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Mature content
Play the Game-Levi X Reader-Part Two :iconkatelynnoodle:KatelynNoodle 10 3
Mature content
Play The Game-Levi X Reader-Part One :iconkatelynnoodle:KatelynNoodle 11 1
Thanks Jean-Levi X Arachnophobic Reader
You wake to bright light streaming through the window of the room you share with some of your friends from the 104th trainee squad, located in the girl's dorm.
Bright and early every morning. That's how it works around here. Sometimes you wished you could sleep in. But Mikasa tugging at your sleeve from the bottom bunk forces you to jump down from the top bunk and start getting changed.
After getting ready for the day you make your way to the mess hall for some breakfast. You rub your eyes and try to wake up a bit. Walking to you table, you close your eyes for a second to satisfy the involuntary drooping of your eyelids.
You feel a sudden impact to your chest and your eyes shoot open. What you see terrifies you. An angry corporal. Oatmeal has been spilled all down his shirt.
"Oh my go-" you begin at apologize but he holds up a hand to stop you.
"Save it brat. How about you start watching where your going?" He spits out the words like poison.
"I'm so sorry." You assure Levi.
"Maybe if y
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Amazing Buns-Levi X Reader
You were hopeless. Why? You think to yourself. Why would I volunteer to make the food? I can't even cook!
It was all too true. The company you worked at was having a small party, and they thought it would be a good idea to have homemade food, and as a desperate attempt to be noticed by our coworkers you volunteered to make some of the food.
You had rushed out of the office and once you got home you pulled out some recipes off of the internet, determined to at least make one good thing. So far you had ruined three batches of cookies and there was another one in the oven. You hoped this one turned out better.
You wish you could cook like some of the other people from work. Sasha always had plenty of homage meals that smelled absolutely delicious. If she weren't making food already you would call her. But knowing Sasha it'd probably take her longer to get things made because she'd eat all the ingredients and have to run to the store to get more. Could she even get it all done it one night
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Mature content
Jean X Reader-I Promise :iconkatelynnoodle:KatelynNoodle 2 2
To the Moon and Back-Levi X Reader
You lie in your bed with your eyes closed, listening to the incredible storm outside. Hale slams against your window and booming thunder follows the constant lightening flashes so loud it makes you jump. But despite all of this the sounds were soothing to you. You snuggle into the warm blankets on your bed and breathe deep as you start to slip into the blissful world of sleep.
You're halfway between sleep and awake with your imagination running wild, making dreams you'd never remember by the time you woke up when the ringing of your doorbell makes you jump. You consider leaving it, and almost convince yourself to but then you remember the vicious storm and you decide you can't leave anybody out in that. The ring sounds again as you swing your legs over the side of your bed and make your way clumsily towards the door, feeling a bit like a zombie just risen from dead. You open the door yawning and when you open your eyes you see a short shivering figure, a flash of lightening appears beh
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Is That...Part 9(Finale)- I choose to stay. Option
A/N: This ending you stay at home and let Levi and Eren go back by themselves.
"I choose..." You take a deep breath before continuing. "to stay here.
You look over and see the hurt in Levi's eyes, although his face remains mostly unchanged. He would understand. "Are you sure? Once you make this choice you can't change your mind."
"Yes, I'm sure. I have to stay here. I can't just leave my family, I have an entire life here. And although I love you Levi, I can't do this just for you. I hope you understand."
"Yeah," he says the words, but his time says otherwise. "I understand."
"I know you says I have some kind of ability, which by the way I would like to know more about, but still, I can't give up everything like that."
"I'm not going to tell you about your ability. It would be a different story if you were leaving, but it would ruin the way you saw things if I did that. That and we need to make this happen soon."
"Okay, just let me talk to these two for a minute." He nods and you make
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Is That...Part 9 (Finale)- I choose to go Option
A/N: This ending you chose to go with Levi and Eren. Please enjoy!
"I choose" you take deep breath before continuing. " go with Levi and Eren."
"Are you sure? Once you make this choice you can't change your mind."
"Yes I'm sure. I can help there. But if I may ask, why exactly was I being watched throughout my childhood. I know that it's because I have some sort of ability to change, but what exactly does that mean?"
"Well I wasn't going to tell you this but, your parents are from where Levi and Eren are. They were soldiers. Very strong soldiers, and so we watched you carefully and told you about the land you were supposed to be from. But we had to be careful. So, if you're anything like your parents you can make a difference in their fight."
"Why didn't they stay, if they could make such a big difference, why didn't they stay?" Would your parent really do that?
"Because of you. They managed to get in contact with us through the few people who know back in in the other world. They
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The Swimming Pool-Levi X Reader
   You and your friend (f/n) Circle each other, intensely staring at one another, like boxers in a ring. "It's mine!" you say, pulling the bucket closer to you, sending the cool pool water splashing up your body and onto your face.
   "But I had it first!" (f/n) counters, pulling the bucket back towards herself.
   "IT'S MY MAGICAL BUCKET, NOT YOURS!" You use all your strength to try and get the bucket and almost slip on the bottom of the pool that's stationed in your backyard.
   "I. AM. A. GUINEA PIG!" Her face goes super serious and you get distracted. She just might be full on insane. Then again you just called a bucket magical. But she was talking about an animal! No wonder you two were friends.
   "What?" You ask and she takes the opportunity to take the bucket from you while you're too focussed on your thoughts.
   "NO!" You watch as she throws it over the side of the pool and hear the thud of it hitting the ground. Not
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Is That... Levi X Reader X Eren-Part 8
"You want me to kill?" Eren's brow furrows.
"Well only if it comes to that."
"What's the plan?" Levi grumbles.
"Eren just get yourself back on the way to that room. I'll find a way to get out with Levi. Eren you threaten them and when they come at you, and that's when Levi comes in and kicks ass. After that we can make them take us to whoever it is running this show." You watch the boy's face carefully. "And when we get there we talk. If things go well we won't hurt them. But if it comes to it..."
"Alright. What am I supposed to do to get back in there?"
"Well like the medic said, just refuse to do whatever he wants you two and just well, I'm sorry to say this but be yourself. Let your anger come out. Shouldn't be too much of a challenge for ya."
"Whatever," he grumbles. And then we wait in silence for our opportunity.
The medic comes back into the room, coming over to me first to check that my arm is still being held in place. I hope I can still beat as many peopl
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Is That... Levi X Reader X Eren-Part 7
Sure enough as you sit on your bed two days later you hear a noise in the house. You aren't scared this time. Nervous and a bit anxious, but not scared exactly. Because this time your expecting it, and this time you've made a plan.
Your door opens and that terrible grating man enters. He walks over and stands over you, staring at you intensely. He grabs you wrist so tight it feels like it might break. "It's time to go."
"Fine," you say standing. And with that he grabs a cloth and holds it over you mouth and nose. And before you have time to react a dark blanket wraps around you and you're gone.
my eyes open wider when the door opens. Being carried in some creeps arms is (f/n). I pull against my chains, causing a loud noise as my bandaged, broken arm screams angrily at me.
She's asleep as the man brings her next to me and traps her wrists in the metal cuffs. "What is she doing here?!" I feel anger growing inside me. "She's not supposed to be here! Why?! I thought..."
"Look bu
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Is That... Levi X Reader X Eren-Part 6
After in your opinion way too much time at the hospital you were finally home. Levi almost never leaves you alone. He's been making every meal for you and keeping the house clean. He's not letting you do much. He says he wants you to rest up and heal.
Every night he holds you tight in his arms like he's afraid you might disappear if he doesn't. But you don't mind. He's gone back to being more emotionally stiff, or at least on the outside. You can still see it in his eyes, but after his wave of emotion he was just done letting them show.
One day as you eat a delicious lunch Levi made you you feel your wind through the fabric of your shirt. It will scar. You'll carry it around for the rest of your life as a reminder of this whole mess. But also a reminder of your two friends. They would have to leave eventually, and it would crush you heart.
Loving Levi is a funny thing. You show almost all your emotions openly and Levi shows almost none. But you could both feel when the other was upset
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Sphinxes never cry... by jepegraphics Sphinxes never cry... :iconjepegraphics:jepegraphics 156 38
Jaehee x Pregnant Reader p1
You felt your knees buckle from under you, as the fist connected to your stomach. The blood dripped down your leg. You felt numb as you locked eyes with their eyes. "M-mother... Stop... T-there might be some time to save him!" You cried out.
She kicked your leg out from under you. You landed on your back, your legs pulling up to try and protect your stomach. Your arms wrapped over your baby bump.
She hovered her heel over your throat. Her lips curving into a wicked sneer.
Jaehee sat up in bed, your trembling body, holding over your stomach, as tears leaked out of the corners of your sleeping eyes. "...(Name)...?" She asked, running a hand through your hair.
You sat up, as you woke up. You placed your lover's hand over the stomach that was carrying the two of your's child.
"Is Dominick alright my love?" She asked, tilting her head. As if the question triggered the small child, a kick pushed against the skin of your stomach onto Jaehee's hand.
"My mother.... She stays in prison right...?
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Beautiful (Jaehee Kang x Reader)
        "That'll be three fourty-five." Came the voice behind the counter. As you handed the man your money, you thought about Jaehee and what she could be doing right now. You retrieved your sandwich and water bottle from the counter, then pulled out your phone to text her.
        "Hello, Jaehee. ^^ You still at work?" 
        "Yes. I'm on lunch but still at the office. Why do you ask?"
        After reading that, something caught your eye. You looked to the left as you were almost out of the store. There was a small bouquet of yellow roses, tied with white ribbon, just screaming Jaehee's name.
        "Would Jumin mind if I stop by really fast? I want to drop something off for you! :)"
        "If it's quick, he shouldn't say anything. Especially since I'm supposed to be on my break..."
        "You work so hard, he shouldn't care anyways!
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Ciel x Reader Repulsive... (Part One)
“This will not happen again, do you understand?” You nod your head politely then bow, not saying a word. Looking up, you see your master sigh and lift his tea to his mouth. “You’re dismissed.” You bow once more to him and then swiftly turn around, walking out of the study. You moved your (h/c) hair away from your face as you walk down the hall. This job really is a dreary one, but you were contracted to him, Ciel Phantomhive, so you had no right to complain, for his soul was one worthy of your services.
You got lost in thought as you turned the corner, causing you to slam into something. You gasped softly, but you stood in the exact same spot. Looking up, you saw deep red eyes and dark hair. “Really now, ____. You shouldn’t let your mind wander.” You looked away from his face, irritated. You heard him sigh and suddenly, you felt your chin yanked forward. Your (e/c) eyes were inches away from his. “Do not act so ungrateful. Unfortuna
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Reader x Levi - AU!Aviophobia
Reader x Levi - Quickie!AU!Aviophobia
Warning for language

    1. fear of flying in an airplane or other aircraft
You bounce nervously in your seat, turning your head left and right. The breaths you take in are short and ragged. Your heart beats furiously and you want this moment to end as fast as possible.
         “Tch.” Levi takes your hand in his and rubs a thumb across your skin to calm you.
         “That doesn’t help,” you snap at him, looking out of the window. Your eyes follow the plane’s long wing. Shaking your head, you shut your eyes and squeeze Levi’s hand tightly. “I don’t like flying! Why do we have to go by plane? Why not something else? Train? Car? Bike?”
         Your boyfriend sighs. “Don’t be afraid, brat.
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Reader x Levi - AU!Finding a Reason to Stay
ReaderxMentallyIllLevi - AU!Finding a Reason to Stay
Warning - This piece contains sensitive material related to suicide and mental illness.
Inspired by :
Please listen at a low volume while you read:

Read the next part here
Everything stands still.
         Nothing is out of place.
         The music plays softly.
         His formal, leather shoes click against the cement floors, the sound traveling throughout the hallways and bouncing back into his ears. He scowls at the improper noise they make.
         Upon stopping in front of a full-body mirror, he tightens the ebony bow tie and refolds the crisp, white collar of his freshly-ironed shirt. The faintest sound of clothes shuffling bothe
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Phantom Of The Opera (Levi x reader)

You stared up in wonder at the man who stood only a few feet away from the boat in which you sat, the Phantom who had haunted your dreams for so many years! It felt like His piercing silver eyes were staring into the very depths of your soul as he slowly sauntered down the winding, weathered steps of the underground lair which he had taken you to. Without a word he stepped towards the boat and bent down in a gentlemanly fashion with his gloved hand held out for you to take. you sat for a moment staring hesitantly at the hand that had been patiently awaiting yours then shyly took it. your eyes trailed along the Phantoms lithe body, from his neatly polished boots up to his smoothed back, black hair. The Phantom wore a simple white mask that covered most of his pale face which seemed to never look away from yours. It was at that moment you felt
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                                                 As Long As You
  The first time we met, I could see,
That you and I, were meant to be.
Your eyes were so gentle, your smile so true,
When you first held my hand, I just knew.
  Now the time has gone by, through laughter and tears,
These days I shall cherish, for years upon years.
Those memories we have, shall never fade,
For those are the steps, that we have made.
  That was the past, the future is near,
I anxiously wait, for what will appear.
New homes, more laughter, and children so dear,
Everything will be wonderful, as long as you're near.
:icongatmatt9:gatmatt9 91 9
What These Eyes See
With these eyes, I look at thee
And see not what others see
Instead I see beneath the mask
To find out what, you need not ask
You need but look into your heart
To find out what you truly are
Your heart is black, far from divine
But shame on me, for so is mine.
My Angel
You are my angel,  and even though
Your skin may not be as white as snow
Your wings they are the deepest black
That would put to shame a witch’s cat
And instead of a halo, you have horns
The tips of which are sharp as thorns
You’re still my angel, and you should know
Whatever your destination, my soul will go.
I feel I’m trapped, nowhere to go
Time quickly passes and flows
I look around, but can see nothing
Nor hear a sound, nor feel a sting
I believe that you will truly find
That I am trapped within my mind.
What Lies Within
In shadow, in darkness, beneath everyone's guise,
Past the flesh, through the bone, hidden with lies,
A face, a secret, that the world won't abid
:icongraveripper:Graveripper 186 51
The Poems
The poems do not
Want to be written
Because the poems
Want to
Write themselves.
Anecdotes about assholes
Robbing gas stations
While disguised as
Trees clad in
These things come naturally
To the poems.
They cannot be extracted
Like vanilla,
Or some other cooking product.
Fetus and phoenix
Look the same
When mouthed.
If the world
Were mute,
We'd have all sorts of pregnant ladies
Talking about birds
And old ladies sporting binoculars
Getting in heated debates with abortion groups.
This is what poems would write
If poems could write themselves.
Poems would read their last words
Before they wrote their bodies
Or ate their vegetables.
We should all be poems
And write ourselves,
Write on ourselves,
Without word counts
Or line limits.
We should fill the pages
But not be filler.
This is what poems would write
If poems could write themselves.
This is what we would write
If we knew how to write ourselves.
:iconsquishedmuffin:squishedmuffin 160 61
Sitting in a corner,
As I always do,
Lost in the nothing,
Surrounded by it too,
I turn to you,
Then you turn away,
A scamper here,
And a tumble there,
Is that all the effort that you got?
Laying on my bed,
The ceiling above,
Blank as always,
Boring as always,
Just like you,
Lying as always,
Denying as always,
Is it really that hard for you to see?
Turning the knob,
You invite yourself in,
Go away I tell you,
But you ignore me,
You scream and yell,
You beat my insides,
Making life a hell,
It brings you pleasure,
I know it does,
You like seeing me this way,
How many days I wonder,
Until I fade away?
Staring at me,
You glare,
Into insides beyond the mere,
I'm only a child,
A poor defenseless child,
How you love watching me crumble,
Being blown away by little things,
You love this more than anything,
And all you do is deny what I say,
My soul will burn,
And the insides split,
While you remain unswayed....
How little you see,
Understanding little,
Seeing little,
Nothing new for me,
:iconsasukesakatsukilover:sasukesakatsukilover 274 385
Mature content
Her Friend (Levi x reader|Drabble|Crack-ish) :iconvenulus:Venulus 21 33
Book Cover [SNK Various x Shifter!Reader]
Have you ever heard of the saying ”don't judge a book on its cover”? It is quite a famous saying, and used in many different situations, even if it has nothing to do with books. As you probably already know, it means not to judge something by how it looks, since inside it could be completely different.
And that saying, fit (F/n) (L/n) perfectly.
Now, I don't mean that her face was beautiful and her guts ugly. Even if that may be true, since let's face it, no ones innards were that pretty to look at. No, that's just nasty. What it means, is that no matter how beautiful the person might look, it doesn't mean you're seeing everything. The persons personality might be horrible, even if they looked like a angel. Or maybe they had skeletons in their closet.
(F/n) (L/n) had joined the military with one goal, and one goal only. To give humanity freedom. Ever since she was little, she wanted to join the Scouting Legion, to explore the world and get rid of the beasts. Of course, her
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Levi Dance Icon by HElCHOU Levi Dance Icon :iconhelchou:HElCHOU 661 200
Pets (Neko!Levi x Male!Reader x Puppy!Eren) VIII
    The curses and banging around in the bathroom were obviously not a good sign, you noted. However, you made no move to walk away from the dinner you were preparing. "Thank god Levi bought groceries", you muttered to yourself. Tasting the spaghetti sauce, you smiled in approval. "Now, just a touch of-"
"God damn it, get in the tub, you dumb dog!"
Sighing very loudly, you switched the stove off and headed to the bathroom. "Guys, how's it going-oh."
    What greeted your sight was a very frazzled, angry looking Levi and a very distressed, half-naked Eren. The tub was filling up with water and the bathroom was torn to pieces. You covered your mouth to hide your laughter. Levi narrowed his eyes.
    "This isn't funny, brat. He refuses to get in the tub." Levi moved closer to Eren with a sponge in one hand and a back cleaner in the other. Both hands were in Levi's favorite cleaning gloves and he clipped his hair bac
:iconblondeborn:BlondeBorn 74 24
Heterosexual Life Partners (Mikasa + Reader) AU
We are heterosexual life partners
“I am here, my darling!” you smiled as you walked over to Mikasa for your group lunch break. Plus two new people, but you’ll get to them later.
Mikasa looked over her shoulder with her usual placid expression, but gave a small smile while you gave her a brief hug from behind.
“Hello,(Name).” she greeted back patting your arm lightly, she was already eating lunch since she got out of class minutes earlier than you.
“Hey,(Name).” greeted Armin.
“Yo.” Eren gave a short wave.
Grabbing your seat in the booth you said your hellos to the two boys before placing your attention to the new addition of the group.
“So it seems that we have two new converts to our illustrious gang.” You smiled looking at them.
“Yes!” Armin pipied up and motioned to a brunette with freckles spotting on his cheek and nose. “This is Marco, from my sociology class. And his friend Jean.” He
:iconspongeytoast:SpongeyToast 185 59



After a very long day you were finally able to come home and relax and forget about all the people who had annoyed you all day long. You were quite enjoying yourself, wearing you new pajamas and getting ready for bed. However, right when you pulled back the covers, preparing yourself to crawl into the soft piece of heaven, a knock sounded from your front door. You considered leaving it, after all you had enough of people today. But in the end, your better side won over and you decided it best to answer.

You walked out of your room and through the living room to your front door. You opened the door not sure who you see on the other side but out of all the people you could've guessed would be on the other side, they would've never made the list. You stand, shocked as you look at the two males. One was taller than the other with brown hair, and the other was shorter with dark raven hair. You meet the steel eyes of the shorter one and then the teal eyes of the taller one. It's then that you then realize you've been standing there for a while and still hadn't said anything. "Um, c-can I help you?" You ask quietly.

"Um, sorry to bother you but could you tell us where we are?" The taller teal eyed one asks, earning a look from the other. You get lost in your thoughts again. You'd seen these two before. Not in real life, but in your favourite anime and manga series. How was this possible? You almost pinched yourself to make sure you weren't dreaming.

"Do you two need somewhere to stay?" Is the only thing that you can think to say in that moment.

"Um..." The boy looks to the seemingly older man in question.

"I mean, it's raining pretty hard out there," you reason. "and you two seem a little lost at the moment."
"Sure," the taller man says, stepping inside.

"Thank you," the brunette says. "but could you please tell us where exactly we are?"

"You're in (City Name)." You tell them, earning confused looks.

"(City Name)?" The taller one asks.

"What the hell are you talking about?" The raven haired one spits.

"Look," you start. "I think you guys are tired and confused. Why don't you stay here tonight and we can talk about this in the morning?" The one you're now 100% sure is Eren looks to Levi for an answer.

"Alright, we'll stay here." Levi looks at you with an expressionless face.

"Okay, I'll get some blankets and pillows and you two can sleep on the couches." You leave the two in the room and once they can't see you anymore you freeze and silently freak out. This has to be joke! This can't be really happening! Then again, they are way too were almost positive you were dreaming at this point.

You breathe deep as to quit freaking out and actually get them what you said you would. After a few seconds of internally screaming you grab some blankets and a couple pillows from a closet and take them back to the living room. You almost laugh when you see that Levi has claimed the full sized couch and left Eren to sleep on the love seat that is clearly a lot shorter than him. You hand some blankets and a pillow to Levi and then to Eren. "Uh, thank you...sorry, what's your name?"

"It's (f/n), (f/n) (l/n). "

"I'm Eren Jaeger, and this is Captain Levi Ackerman." Eren shakes your hand firmly.

"Nice to meet you Eren." You then turn to Levi. "And you too Captain." He just nods. "Okay, well why don't you two get some sleep and we can discuss the situation tomorrow?"

"Okay, goodnight (f/n)." Eren says as you shut off the lights. You can see him jump at the sudden darkness and almost laugh again.

"Goodnight." You leave them and crawl under your blankets, soon falling into a dreamless sleep.

You're woken up the next morning by the sound of Eren and Levi arguing on the other side of the door. You rush out, pajamas still on and hair up in a bun to the living room. "Whoa, whoa guys! What is the problem!" Both of them are talking at the same time now. Levi has an annoyed expression where as Eren is flying off the handle, screaming and clenching his fists.

"One voice at a time!" You shout over Eren.

"Never mind, it's not important. Eren calm down." Levi grumbles. The boy slowly straightens out his hands and his expression turns mostly normal again. "So do you always sleep in this late?" Levi asks you.

"Sleep in? It's only eight o'clock."

"Only eight. Tch." Levi responds.

"What's wrong with eight?"

"Well nothing for lazy brats like you I guess." Brat?

"What did you just call me?" You ask Levi with an angry tone of voice.

"A lazy brat, couldn't you hear me?"

"Oh I heard you just fine." You say through clenched teeth.

"Then I don't see the problem."

"The problem is that this is my house! Not yours. I invited you in here, so show me some respect."

"You should be showing me respect. After all, I am a captain of the Survey Corps, and you're nothing but a lazy, useless brat." His voice never raised but it was the most threatening thing you'd ever heard. You almost want to cry, but you manage you keep it inside.

"Oh forget it! If that's how you feel then just leave!" You storm off to your room, slamming the door behind you. As you flop down on the bed you let a silent tear run down your cheek. You had never actually considered how it would feel to be scolded by Levi. It turns out, it's actually terrifying. You wipe the tear away, still feeling angry. How dare he call you that? Like you said, this is your house, and you invited them in out of kindness! If you were smart you'd kick him out. Eren had done nothing wrong, but Levi had disrespected you. And sure he called all the cadets brats, but after what you had done you assumed that you'd be the one he wouldn't. maybe you were overreacting, but you had just woken up after letting them sleep in your living room. You thought it to be more than a little rude.

A knock on your door takes you out of your thoughts. "Uh, (f/n)? Can I come in?" Eren's voice is comes muffled through the wooden door. You let out a sigh. You open the door and step aside to let him in.

"Yes Eren?" You ask while sitting down on your bed. You notice how Eren looks around the room, taking it all in.

"I just wanted to say that you shouldn't take what Levi said personally. He likes to be in control."

"Yeah, I know. I just makes me angry."

"Oh, you don't have to talk to me about being angry." Eren says, making you giggle. He sits down on the bed next to you. "See, you're laughing. You just can't let what he says get to you." Eren has a beautiful smile. Much better than what you could've ever imagined from the anime, manga or any of the fan-art. His sea coloured eyes light up at you and you feel your smile grow wider.


"Yes?" He answers

"Thank you." He smirks at your words. You then notice just how close you two are.

"No problem (f/n)." Your hands touch and Eren's eyes meet yours. Your faces grow closer and closer until they're only centimeters away from each other. And then your brain decides to pipe up. 'Wait! What are you doing! This is Eren Jeager!' You stop moving and when Eren notices he pulls back. He looks at you with a confused look on his face.  "(F/n)? know what, I'm just going to go now. I'm sorry." He puts his hand on the doorknob.

"No, Eren wait." You jump up off the bed and up to stand beside the confused boy. "It's not you fault, I'm just not quite ready for this..."  You pull him into an embrace and let a small smile form on your lips. "But I can give you this," you press your lips against his cheek, a slight blush forming on your own. "Thank you again." After a second more of the embrace you two break apart and Eren leaves the room.

You sit on your bed thinking about what just happened. YOU KISSED EREN! Never in a million years would you have guessed that would happen. You sit there for a few minutes, replaying the scene in your head. You would stay in here longer, but your stomach growls and you figure you should probably make some breakfast for yourself and your guests.

When you walk out of the room you only take a couple of steps before your suddenly greeted by a pair of cold grey eyes. You don't say a word or move an inch. "(F/n),"

"Levi?" There is silence then for a while. Awkward. "So, are you hungry? 'Cause I was going to make some breakfast."

"Yes, that's probably a good idea."

"You could say please you know." You don't get a response. You go to the kitchen, cracking eggs and shoving bread into the toaster. Levi and Eren watch you carefully from the table. Once you finish making and dividing up the food you sit down at the table, giving both Levi and Eren their food. Eren digs in without a second thought whereas Levi inspects it a bit first. Once he starts eating though, it's gone pretty fast. Your impressed that when he's done that not a single crumb from the toast remains anywhere to be seen. Eren however has made a small mess.

"Oi, Jaeger, look what you've done." Levi spats at the boy.

"Oh, uh sorry Captain." Eren starts to clean up his mess immediately.

"Oh, that's alright Eren, I'll get it." You assure him.

"It's really no problem, it's my mess."

"No, you're a guest. Let me get it." Eren sits back down in his chair  with a slight smile on his face and you clean up breakfast and his mess. You spend the rest of the day answering questions and avoiding the fact that Eren and Levi are from an anime. Eren seems to be curious about everything, and Levi is too, but in a much less obvious way. After you settle in for the night you can hear Levi and Eren talking in the other room. About what you can't tell. You decide to ignore it and go to sleep, thinking about how to get those two home.


Tonight after Eren and (f/n) are asleep I sit in the couch, thinking about this new world we've found ourselves in. There's no Titans here and it's full of strange technology. Hanji would have a great time here.

And then there's (f/n). She's very different from anyone I've ever met. She uses strange words and has the courage to stand up to me. I'm sire not if I like that yet. Either way, I'm kind of stuck here until I find out exactly where we are. (F/n) has been avoiding straight answers all day, only giving me little hints to all the things I've asked her. I can't help but feel some anger towards her for not answering me.

After about an hour of letting my mind wander both Eren and (f/n) are asleep. I think it would be good to look around the house now, when nobody can stop me. I get up and silently make my way to the bookshelves. I can't see anything there so I move on.

I search the entire house. Well, except for her room. Now is the only time. I walk over to her door and open it slowly. I step  quietly inside and am greeted by the deep breaths of the sleeping girl. I ignore her and look on her desk, in her drawers and closet for clues and find nothing. If only I knew how to work the strange device with all the letters and the screen, it looks like it might have something to tell me.

Just when I'm about to leave the room (f/n) stirs in her bed. She mutters something and whips her arms towards an invisible target. She continues this for a while before she settles down. Tears run down her cheeks and leave spots on her pillow.

Before I really know what I'm doing I'm at her side and my hand touches her head in a comforting way. I rub it for a while and I almost smile when I touch her neck and she lets out a little giggle. I run my hand down her shoulder and she grabs it suddenly. It surprises me when she holds it close to her like a security blanket. I try to pull it out of her grasp but she grips it tighter and I'm scared it will wake her up if I take it away.

Not wanting to take chances, I crawl up next her her on the bed stare at her face. It's almost as if she's thinking really hard about something, like she's worried. I usually wouldn't do something like this, but since she's asleep and I'm nowhere near anybody I know except for Jaeger, who if he did happen to find out would never tell anybody. I'd make sure of it. And so I wrap my arm around her and lie my face down by hers. I squeeze her body towards mine and she lets out a deep breath. I let one out too as I close my eyes and rub her upper back lightly.

And then without meaning to, I fall asleep holding the beautiful girl.
First of all you should know, this isn’t your typical perfect love story. It’s not about two people who have fallen madly in love because their eyes met across a crowded room like a sappy movie. Now don’t get me wrong these two really do love each other very, very much, even if they have a little bit of trouble showing it. The story you’re about to read is about the Valentine’s day that would change their lives. I’ll keep it short, sweet and to the point and maybe, just maybe, you’ll fall in love with this story as much as I have.



   “Oh my gosh, Levi!” Hanji’s loud squeals fill the room and Levi’s mouth moves into a frown from the loud noise that hurts his ears, making them ring a bit.
   “Would you keep it down? I’m going to go deaf if you keep yelling like that.” Levi growls, trying to keep in his usual character despite the excitement bubbling up inside of him.
   “I’m sorry it’s just so thrilling and completely astonishing!” She gives Levi a tight hug and he tenses in her arms. Even after all this time of being friends with her he has never quite gotten used to being touched, squeezed and thrown around by the surprisingly strong woman. “I mean we’re talking about a proposal! You’re proposing!” She claps her hands together with joy.
   “I’m aware of the situation.” Levi sighs, slightly annoyed by his friend but also finding that he’s sharing some of the same emotions. It feels strange to him, but good strange. He felt as if this was the one thing he was certain about in his life.
   Hanji giggles at her friend her friend’s hidden excitement, still feeling giddy from hearing his news. She likes his girlfriend and now they were getting married! They could do things together and become even better friends! Maybe she could even be in the wedding! How could this get any better? The only question left is, how is he going to do it? The importance of how you ask can not  be underestimated! Hanji thought to herself, how would she like to be asked?  She wouldn’t want something plain and boring, no way! She would want something exciting and unique! And now is when an idea forms. She has a plan.
   “Hanji?” Levi asks, concerned at why the usually hyperactive woman was suddenly being quiet. “What are you thinking about.”
   “How to take over the world!” She exclaims.
   “Seriously four eyes?” He asks in a monotone voice.
   “I’m kidding...but I do have an idea about how you should propose.” She states.
   “Do I even want to know what it is?” He asks. He’s learned by now that when Hanji has a plan it almost always leads to a disaster. But then again, what does he know about being romantic? He’s blunt and straightforward, he didn’t know how to build up to the perfect moment.
   “Of course you want to know! It’s a great idea! Trust me on this one.” She begs. “Besides, when has one of my plans not worked?”
   “Come on, you can’t be serious, Hanji your plans-” Levi replies, his eyebrows raised and head tilted slightly but is interrupted mid sentence.
   “Oh you hush now and just let me tell you the plan.” She almost laughs.
Levi lets out a sigh and lets the smallest of smiles creep onto his face.
“Alright, let’s hear it.”


You should know that in this moment Levi heard the very words that would change the course of what he had wanted for the night of the proposal. Some might call trusting Hanji a mistake, the first of many that would play out in the next twenty-four hours. But in my opinion the mistakes are what make this story special. Very special indeed. So now, let the real story begin.


   You pull on your best clothes and dust your face lightly with powers and shadows, preparing yourself for a Valentine’s Day out. You’re excited for tonight. After all you hadn’t had a good Valentine’s Day in a long time, a very long time. Fortunately you have a feeling that tonight might be the first good one. You were going to be with a special man that you love very much. You’ve been going out for quite a while now and this was your first Valentine’s together so you’re determined to look good for tonight.  With a smile on your face you grab your bag and glance at yourself in the mirror. Your hair looked soft and smooth, your face flawless and your clothes made you look good in all the right places. You can’t help but let a huge smile form on your face.
   You walk out of your room and out to your car. You were going to meet Levi at some restaurant you’d never heard of. According to him it’s fancy and has great food, you were looking forward to that. You start the car and begin to drive through the city. It doesn’t take you long to get there and when you do you grab your bag and enter the restaurant, immediately being greeted by the smell of delicious food. The first thing that catches your eye is Levi waiting for you. He wears a nice suit and has his hair slicked back. The sight of him makes your heart skip a beat and your mouth fall open. He wears a nice suit and his dark hair is slicked back. The words ‘hot damn!’ sound on your mind. He walks up to you and hands you a single red rose, a smirk decorating his face. You feel blush creep into your face as you take it and his arms wrap around you, enveloping you in his warmth.
   “You look great,” You say as the two of you are led to a table.
   “Me?” He says, turning to you. “You look great.”
   You smile at his sweet comment. He wasn’t being sarcastic or sassy or snappy, and it gave you the feeling that tonight was going to be special. You begin to feel even more confident of this when you sit at a table with beautiful table cloth and a vase of flowers. Everything seems to extravagant. You and Levi sit down at the table and hold menus in your hands, peeking over the tops every once in awhile to catch glimpses of each other. Everything feels so magical and perfect.


Magical. That is the perfect way to describe this moment, but unfortunately not the whole night. So far everything was going according to plan, hence the magical feeling. And so you can watch the night progress the way I do, I’ll fill you in on Hanji’s plan.

1.Levi and his soon-to-be fiance go to a fancy restaurant. Hanji and her boyfriend Erwin will be sitting at a nearby table.
2.On the way out Levi will “notice” the two of them there and invite them out for drinks with the two of them.
3.Erwin pretends to hit on the soon-to -be-fiance so that Levi can swoop in and be the hero.
4.Levi takes his soon-to-be-fiance away from Erwin and down the street to the park as the sun is setting.
5.Levi takes his girl to the gazebo and gives a pre-written speech and proposes
She says yes(hopefully).

But as we all know, almost  nothing ever goes according to plan.


Over the course of dinner you and Levi look back on your great times together. How you met, your first date, that first time you said “I love you” to each other while standing out in the in the middle of a buzzing emergency room. These memories make you smile until your face hurts. You love Levi with all of your heart, You’ve been dating for about a year and a half now and you couldn’t be happier. When you first met him you weren’t sure if you liked him at all. He was so sarcastic and criticizing and so blunt, but of course after a couple of weeks of talking with him he began to steal your heart. You learned that he had a hard past and that he had managed to make a good life for himself. After he told you about himself you understood why he was and still is that way, and you moved past the initial state of shock and got to know him. He could actually be kind of sweet once he warmed up to you. And now as you stare across the table at your love your heart beats a little faster in your chest, and it stays that way all through dinner.
After you’re done eating and the delicious meal is payed for Levi stands up and you slip on your coat. He pulls you close as you walk out of the restaurant, wrapping you up in his warmth again, making your heart fill with love. It’s only when Levi stops that you pay attention to what’s going around you. When you do look up you see that Levi’s friend Hanji is getting up from a table as well, as tall muscular blonde man helping her slip into her jacket as he lightly kisses her, causing blush to climb up her cheeks. She seems quite happy.
“Should we say hello?” You ask Levi, directing you gaze towards him.
“That would be the polite thing to do, wouldn’t it?” He sounds unsure about if he really wants to talk to Hanji and whoever she’s with, but he is right, it is the polite thing to do.
“Yes, but besides, it might be fun to see who her friend there is. She seems to really like him.” You say, hoping to convince him to say hello. You didn’t know Hanji too well, but you knew her well enough to be extremely curious about who she’s with.
“Okay, let’s go over there then.” You and Levi walk towards the couple, keeping close to each other. You walk close to them and smile.
“Hey stranger,” you say, causing both of them to look at you. Hanji’s face shows excitement, as well as her voice when she speaks..
“(Y/N)!” she claps her hands together. “Are you two here for a Valentine’s Day dinner too?!”
“Yeah, we were just on our way out.” You say to her.
“No way, so are we.” Hanji says, motioning between herself and the blonde.
“I haven’t seen you in so long! Oh! I have an idea, why don’t we go out for a drink, like a bit of a double date to finish the night off!” She pitches the idea. You look over to Levi who sighs.
“I suppose it couldn’t  hurt.” He slightly grumbles.
“Wonderful!” Hanji exclaims loudly.
“First you’ll have to introduce me to your friend here.” You say, a hint of tease in your tone.
“Right, I almost forgot! This is Erwin.”
“It’s nice to meet you Erwin,” You say, extending your hand to him. He shakes it and flashes you an award-winning smile.
“You too (Y/N).”
After that all four of you set out and arrive at the desired location for the next part of your night. You all go in and order your drinks, sipping on them once they're handed to you. Everything in this place is decorated with red hearts and Cupids. And so you all talk and drink for a while, enjoying yourselves with smiles on you lean faces.
Afterwards Hanji leaves for the bathroom and Levi steps aside to take a call. You figure you can take this time to ask Erwin a few questions and get to know him a bit better.
“So Erwin, how’s your Valentine’s Day going? You and Hanji looked to be having fun earlier at the restaurant.” You say, trying to start up a conversation.
“It’s actually been going pretty well, but, uh, there is one thing.” He says, knitting his eyebrows together and leaning in a little closer to you so you can smell his cologne. You shift in your seat, feeling a little uncomfortable.
“O-oh? And what would that be?” You ask him, startled by his sudden actions.
“Well you see, I think there’s something wrong with my phone, and it’s kind of bumming me out.” Erwin pulls out said phone, holding it up for you to see.
“Really, what’s wrong with it?” He pauses for a moment then. You tilt your head a bit and wait for an answer.
“It doesn’t have your number in it.” He grows even closer to you.
Wait, what does he think he’s doing?! You think to yourself.
“E-excuse me?” You say, feeling offended.
“You heard me,”
“Are you hitting on me?” You ask, appalled by his display and that he could do this to Hanji.
“What? Of course not.” He says, changing his demeanor when he realizes that you didn’t take his line the way he expected.
“No, that was so a line! You pig!” You stand up from your seat and Erwin follows, looking like he would like to speak to you. But you aren’t going to give him the chance. You bring your fist back, fueled by rage at him for treating Hanji this way.
“Woah, (Y/N)!” You hear Levi’s voice as you hit Erwin in the face. Feeling pain shoot through your hand upon contact. Of course you did this right when Levi grabbed your shirt, causing it to rip.
“Oh my gosh, what happened?!” Hanji’s voice is raised an octave.
“Your date is a pig, that’s what.” You say.
“Oh…” Hanji’s voice trails off like she’s not quite sure what to say next. “I’m sure it was just a misunderstanding. But look at your shirt, it’s all ripped come on, let’s talk about this as we walk to the mall, It’s just across the street.” She then drags you out of the building, and without you knowing it mouths the words “Play along and follow me.”  to Levi and Erwin.
You walk with Hanji to a store in the mall looking for a shirt which she insists on buying for you, although you can’t find anything and you almost feel like crying. It appears that this night is completely ruined. And after you were so excited too. And so to distract yourself you search for a new shirt.
On the other side of the store Hanji is talking to Levi and Erwin. “Look guys, we just need to get her a new shirt. After that, Levi, you take her over a couple streets to that park and take her to the gazebo as planned. Got-” She stops for a moment. “Erwin, are you listening to the plan?”
“Yes, of course hon, I’m just trying to get the bleeding to stop.” He says, holding his hand up to his nose.
“And why are you bleeding again?” Levi asks, irritation evident in his voice. Erwin sighs before replying.
“Because I’m an idiot. I get it, you said it a million times on the way over.”
“Okay you two keep it civil. I’m going to help (Y/N) find a shirt.” Hanji leaves then, her brown updo bouncing as she runs off.
And with that she set off searching the store as you were, not having much luck at all. Every shirt in this store is either way too expensive or horrendously hideous. It seems completely hopeless, or at least that was Hanji thought until she saw it.  The shirt was perfect for your skin tone, just your size and on the half off wrack! She hurries towards the shirt but just before she can grab it a perfectly manicured hand reaches out and snatches it from her. She turns quickly to the snotty look girl with the shiny orange hair. Both of their hands grip the fabric tightly.
“Excuse me, I need that.” Hanji says. For this she only gets a look of disgust from the snot.
“I don’t think so, it’s mine now.”
Oh no, no you don't. Hanji thinks.
“Um, I don’t think so. You see my friend’s boyfriend in about to propose to her, and she needs that shirt. Now.”
“Oh well in that case,” She extend the shirt out to Hanji who reaches out to take it, only to have it snatched away again. “The answer is still no.”
“HAND IT OVER YOU-” she doesn’t finish because she tackles the orange haired girl to to the floor, trying to retrieve the shirt. Without Hanji realizing it (Y/N), Erwin and Levi all rush over, trying to figure out what’s happening. Unfortunately, so does security. Hanji is pulled off of the girl, both of them no looking like messes. When the girl sees security she immediately starts crying.
“She attacked me!” She cries loudly, drawing attention to the scene. “And they all watched and did nothing but shout at her to beat me to death!” She points at the three of you. You gasp, not believing that she would say something like that.
“Is this true?” One of the members of security asks.
“Of course not!” You say.
“They’re lying!” the girl shouts. The man sighs.
“I’m going to need you all to come with me.” He says.
“What no!” Hanji growls.
“Yes, now ma’am. Don’t make me do this forcefully.” Hanji sighs.
“Fine,” with that you are all lead out of the store by security. You glance back to the girl who gives you a smug smirk. On the inside you scream a list of insults at the rich snot, but outside of your head you stay silent, walking with the others silently.
Eventually you end up being led to a part of the mall you didn’t even know existed. All of you are put in the single cell that the mall has, all of your grumbling. Especially Levi who has handed you his jacket to cover up your destroyed shirt. This whole night has taken a terrible turn. At the moment you all sit on the bench in the cell, waiting for somebody to come back and talk to you. And to make matters even worse an older man with slight mustache and short blonde hair sits in the corner, obviously drunk.
“Well, this is a nice change of scenery.” Hanji says, looking at her surroudings.
“It’s a prison cell you idiot.” Levi grouches at the woman. She exhales loudly.
“I was only trying to lighten the mood.”
“It didn’t work.” He informs her and pulls you closer to himself, squeezing you tightly. You just choose to stay silent, after all the night was pretty much a disaster and you were growing tired, and quite frankly you felt uncomfortable sitting next to Erwin after what happened still can't believe he would do that to Hanji.
Suddenly Hanji jumps up from her place on the bench and walks over to the intoxicated man sitting in the corner. You don’t hear the conversation between the two of them.
“What do you think she’s talking to him about?” You ask Levi.
“With that woman who knows.” Levis replies, watching Hanji carefully. Then Erwin leans over.
“She’s asking for help with getting us out of here. She’s going to break us out, or at least that’s what she thinks.” When Hajni walks back over to you everybody leans in close to her, desperately wanting to know if they can get out of here soon. “So, what did he say?” Erwin asks.
“I think I may have just adopted five cats.” Is all she says before picking a pot to stare at on the wall. Her face is blank and her body twitches.
“Ugh, I want to go home.” You fuss out loud.
“Yeah, and I want to go to the moon, but that ain’t happenin’ anytime soon either sweetheart.” The man in the corner pipes up. Anger courses through you and you almost want to scream at him, but instead you stay seating, burning laser holes in his head with your eyes in your imagination.
Levi leans over to Hanji and whispers so that you won’t hear him. “Remind me again why in the world I decided to go along with this?”
“It seemed like a good idea yesterday…” Her hushed voice trails off.
“That’s it,” Levi says standing up. He marches over to the man, pulling him up off of the floor harshly. He then whispers something that you can’t hear to the man. Judging by the way the man’s face contorts first to an expression of surprise, then confusion, and then to joy you can only guess that it was scary, sarcastic or just plain rude. After all, it is the Levi way.
After that Levi comes back over to the three of you, the man he just left walking towards the lock unsteadily. You had a bad feeling about this. You look to Levi with a concerned look on your face. “Look, he didn’t have the best, so we had to go with mediocre…” He looks to be in thought for a moment. “Maybe a little bit less than mediocre. All I know is that I’m not letting some rich snot ruin our special night.”
“Levi, it’s okay. We can go out another night.” You say, trying to calm your boyfriend down. He seems overly tense to you.
“No, it’s not okay. We’re finishing our night out if it kills me.”
“Alright…” you mumble, not sure what else to say to that.
Then you watch the impossible happen. The door to the cell swings open and the drunk man smiles widely at you. All of you jump up and run to the door, thanking the man on the way out. “Wait,” he says.
“What is it?” Erwin asks. Your smiles lessens at the sound of his voice.
“Where’s my payment?” He asks.
“Payment?” You ask.
“Well I ain’t doing this for kicks, I want my payment.”
   “Here,” Hanji says, handing him a twenty dollar bill. “And a tip, lay off of the alcohol.”
With that you all rush out of the cell and find your way out of the mall as quickly as you can. Once outside you take off your heels as Levi starts to drag you down the streets of the city. You run for what feels like forever before Levi comes to a sudden stop. You can hear Hanji and Erwin not far behind the two of you. They both gasp at what they see and you can practically feel the frustration emanating off of Levi. You look up to see what they’re all so appalled by and see police tape blocking off the entrance to your favourite park. Your heart drops at the sight. It’s a truly beautiful place and has a huge wooden gazebo that’s decorated with little fairy lights. It looks so beautiful at this time of night.
You didn’t know what Levi had planned for the rest of tonight, but at this point you were so exhausted you just wanted to go home and crawl up into bed. You know that Valentine’s Day is supposed to be romantic and all that, but this one just isn’t working out. There’s always next year, why couldn't you just try again then? You don’t think it’s that big of of a deal, after all it’s just one night out of the entire year. Levi has a different opinion, which in all honesty surprises you. He’s never been great at romantic gestures so the fact that he even wanted to go out tonight was strange, but of course when he asked you to come out tonight you weren’t about to question it. At this point you almost wished you would have.
Wind blows hair around your face and you sigh, shivering in the cold weather. It might be time to tell Levi that it’s time to go home, even if he didn’t want to hear it. “Look Levi-”
“No, don’t say anything.” He cuts you off. You take a good look at his rosy cheeks in the cold and wait for him to say something else. You aren’t sure what to do when he stays silent for a while, standing in the wind and moist air.
“Levi, what’s so special about tonight?” You ask, feeling as if you’re not picking up on something obvious.
“I just wanted it to be memorable…” He says after a moment.
“Oh trust me, there is no way I’ll be forgetting this night any time soon.” You laugh lightly, staring into the steely eyes that hold something you can’t quite read. You feel so lucky to have him in this moment. Everything that he’s done tonight was for you.
“Come on,” he grabs your hand and begins to take you back to where the car is parked. “Let’s just go to the car.”
Once you get about half of the way back to the parking lot rain begins to fall on you, leaving wet spots on Levi’s jacket that’s still wrapped around your body. “Oh no, it’s raining. On top of everything else.” You say. Levi sighs beside you but doesn’t speak a word
By the time you make it to Levi’s car it’s pouring rain and lightning and thunder have joined along. You decide it’s best to just drive home but why would anything go your way? The tires are slashed on Levi’s car as well as many others in the parking lot. When you see this you grow near tears. Why did this night hate you so much? Clearly Cupid had not only missed when he shot his arrow at you two but had also managed set off a bomb, exploding everything around you into a disaster and mess. Even the weather seemed to be against you.
“Ugh,” You growl. “What is up with the universe!” Levi takes you into his arms, holding you close to him in the rain.
“It'll be fine,” he assures you.
“No, it won’t be! How could it be? I know you wanted tonight to be special, but I think it’s time we call someone to come get us and go home.”
“What do you mean ‘no’?” you ask.
“I won’t go home, not until...not until I say what I came out tonight to say.” He takes a deep breath, sparking your nerves. What could he possibly want to say to you? “Look (Y/N), I came out tonight with a plan in mind. I was supposed to take you for a delicious meal, have a drink with you and a couple friends and then walk you over to the park, because I know how much you love it there. I was going to take you to that gazebo and get down on one knee,” He kneels down and reaches into his coat, pulling out a small box. Your heart actually stops. Is this really happening?! “And then I was going to ask you to marry me. I had this whole fantasy perfected in my head, and then everything that could have gone wrong went wrong. And even after everything that we went through tonight I won’t give up, because I love you. I love you with all my heart (Y/N) and I won’t spend one more day of my life having not asked this question.” He opens the box revealing a gorgeous diamond ring. “(Y/N) (L/N), will you marry me?”
“Yes! Yes, of course I will!” You yell, pulling him off of the ground and into a tight hug. Tears stream down your face. You can’t believe this is really happening. You hear Levi let out a small laugh, a beautiful and rare sound.
“Can I put the ring on your finger?” He asks.
“Oh yeah, sorry, sorry.” You let go of him and he pulls the ring out of the box. You let another tear fall as he slips the ring onto your finger. A perfect fit. It feels so natural you can’t quite figure out how you’d lived without it for so long.
“I love you (Y/N).”
“I love you too Levi.”


So there you have it, a little not-so-perfect love story. In the end I think this story says a lot the two people in this relationship and just how meant to be they really are. Wouldn’t you agree? Even through all of that terrible luck he still proposed, that’s love. And it makes for a great love story, even if it is an unconventional one.

And if you think that the proposal was an absolute disaster, you should hear the story of the wedding.
Our Unconventional Love Story-Levi X Reader
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   You sit in math class, listening to your teacher Mr. Shadis explain some project. All your fellow students groan when he says that this project will involve a hunt. We are to look for things around the school to make our own complex problem. Then, after finding out answer and having it checked we have to do each other's problems. Another round of disappointed noises comes when he says that he will be picking our partners. And he makes it very clear that there will be absolutely no switching. You look longingly to your friend on the other side of the room and they return it. Knowing your luck you'd get stuck with somebody who would zero percent of the work. You often did.

    Mr. Shadis starts pointing at people, calling their names in pairs. Each pair stands together against the wall and waits for further instruction. Slowly the number of students in their seats start to dwindle down, and you'd still hadn't been chosen. You scan the remainder, looking to see who your options were. There was Jean, he was a nice enough guy, but you didn't want to be stuck doing with project with him. Then there was Armin, he'd be great. There was also Connie, Levi and Reiner. You weren't sure about them. You crossed you fingers, hoping for Armin. You say him name in you head, trying to mentally convince your teacher to pair you up with him, pleading with all you had.

   "Armin, you're with Jean." So much for you telepathic powers. "And (f/n), you're with Levi." You stand and walk towards Levi without a word. You didn't know much about Levi. He never talked much and rarely even made eye contact with you. You didn't know what kind of student he was. He had never bragged, but had never looked impressed or proud and Me. Shadis or any of the others in the class had ever said much about him. He was kind of a closed book. You weren't even sure if he knew your name before now, he had certainly never spoken it, at least, not around you.

   After you and Levi only Connie and Reiner are left, so they're paired by default. "Everybody have their books? Good." The teacher's  loud voice booms, making all the students fall silent. "You have twenty minutes and your time!" People start to move towards the classroom door, and you struggle to stay next to Levi who looks straight ahead, seemingly unfazed.

   The two of you venture into the hall way, moving in the opposite direction than most of the crowd. "So," you begin. "where should we start? 'Cause if I'm being totally honest, I'm not exactly sure how to go about this." Levi's cool eyes meet yours.

   "We need to find a material, or some sort of group of objects that will give us and idea for a complex problem which we will write and evaluate. I suggest we look somewhere different than most of the other or we'll end up with close to the same problem, and that will just get confusing. So the first thing I'll ask is, where should we start looking?" That is the most you'd ever heard him talk. You liked the sound of his deep voice.

   "I don't know..." You take your time to think. " What about in the supplies closet? I bet most people are looking at the recycling bins or lockers, so maybe we could find something there?"

   "Sure, we'll go to the one down in the hallway to the right." The school is quiet except for the sounds of your shoes against the floor and the muffled voices of teachers thought the thick wooden doors. You take this time to sneak a  look at Levi out of the corner of you eye. You had wondered about him a few times, but you had never really looked at him. His features were so perfect. They were definite and somewhat sharp, but small details about them, like the way his nose curved at the end, or how his brow crinkled made his face look kind of cute. It was the kind of face that wasn't easy to describe, and it was truly one of a kind.

   It doesn't take you long to reach the closet. Levi opens the unlocked door and walks in, flipping the light switch as he goes. You were thankful for that. You didn't deal well with dark. Being unable to see made you feel too vulnerable, at sometimes you even convinced yourself that things that weren't there were actually there. Needless to say it was more than a small fear, it was a phobia. A bad one.

   You look around the closet, taking in what's stacked on the shelves of the room. It was nothing interesting. Cleaning supplies, chairs, a spare desk. Maybe your idea wasn't as brilliant as you originally thought. You turn your head towards you partner. He seems to be writing something down, but what he could possibly be scribbling so furiously for you weren't sure. You move closer to him and glance down at his page. He's got a list of everything in the room, as well as the number of each thing. He seems to be in deep thought as to how to make this a math problem at your math level.

   "You got any ideas?" You ask, looking at him with hope on your face.

   "Not much of one no. Let's look somewhere else." He closes his book and sighs.

   "Okay," you reply quietly. Just as Levi reaches for the door handle the speakers for the PA system crackle to life. You listen as the familiar voice of you principle announces himself, and what he says next makes you flinch. The school was in lockdown. And it was no drill. "We should get to a classroom, quick." You say and Levi nods.

   The dark haired boy cracks open the door and you flinch when he flicks off the lights. He takes a step out and you follow him. Or at least you try. Levi pushes you back into the room, closing the door swiftly but silently. "They're there. Right at the end of the hall...and they've got a gun." Well, you were Foucault freaking out. And it was dark. You needed the light, you craved it. You reach up turn the light back on, but Levi's hand stops you. "We need to leave them off. If they're on he'll know that somebody's in here." He was right. Although you hated to admit the fact. "Come sit down," he whispers, pulling you towards the far corner of the room where no light touches. You let out a shaky breath as you sit, wishing for even a flashlight.

   The panic in you begins to build up. Your heart begins to speed up. You imagine things slipping out from the walls. Creatures that would devour you alive, or even something as simple as an insect that you couldn't see could be in there. There could be a lot of them. They could crawl all over you, block your airways an suffocate you. Something could fall on you, crush you and you'd certainly die, but it could be slow, slow and painful. You feel something brush against you and you let out a yelp. Levi shushes you.

   You try to keep quiet but something on you tickles and you flinch and whimper. "Light, Levi I need the light." You whisper, your panic clearly showing. Pushing yourself off the ground you bolt for the switch. Levi grabs you and pulls you down again, keeping his hands on you to keep you still. "No, no Levi I need it, I need it."

   "Sit down," he warns. "You're playing with you life, and mine." He's right...but you feel very dizzy and sweat starts to bead on your forehead. There was not only the danger of the man in your school armed, but also the danger of the dark. You and Levi were hidden amongst boxes and a desk was placed right next to you. There was an okay chance that you wouldn't be seen if he happened to open the door. As long as you were silent. Silence. Darkness.

   The thoughts enter you mind once again. You can practically feel things crawling on you, making their way to your face as other things were waiting nearby, ready to pounce. Your body starts to tremble and you feel a shortness of breath. You whip your head around, hair flying up in you face. You couldn't see! It was too dark! Tears stung your eyes. You cling to the desk next to you, trying to focus on the feel of the cool metal against your hot skin.

   "Calm down. He probably won't even try to look in here." He tries to reason with you, but you weren't having any of it.

   "Levi, please!" You beg. "I can't take it. I need to see I-" your cut off by Levi putting a finger to your lips. 'Shhhh' he soothes you. "B-but I can't take it. I need to see Levi! Please, let me turn on the lights!" You whisper-yell.

   "(F/n), look at me." He instructs.

   "I can't! I can't see!" You let out a tear.

   "Fine, then come here." You let him take you into his arms. He squeezes your body close to his.

   "No, you don't understand. Levi, I can feel them..." You grip his arm tightly.

   "There's nothing there." Levi shakes his head.

   "Yes there is!" Levi rubs your arms soothingly.

   "Don't worry. I'm here. I'll keep them away." You crumple in his arms. In the dark is where all the demons come out. All the things that haunted everybody else's dreams came out in any darkness they could find. You knew your fears might irrational when you thought about it afterwords, but that didn't stop them from feeling real. It didn't stop the heart gripping fear and anxiety from taking over your thoughts.

   "Levi?" You whisper into the dark.


   "I'm scared." You admit, squeezing Levi tight.

   "Yeah, I know." You sit there for a while, holding Levi to what he said to keep you safe. To keep your fears away. It felt like an eternity sitting there in that supply closet. You payed close attention to Levi, listening to way he was breathing, slowly and carefully. Every so often his fingers would twitch, poking your back. He was nervous, and you knew it. But he his it well and you weren't about to call him out on it.

   The sound of shoes on the tiled floor breaks the silence of the closet. A loud bang on the door makes you jump. Levi doesn't waste any time covering your mouth and whispering another 'shh' quietly in your ear. You give a small nod. The handle on the door jiggles and then it swings open, hitting the wall with a large 'bang'. You flinch, but do your best to stay still. There was more light in the room now, but you were tucked away. The intruder stood as a tall shadow in the light from the hallway. They look around the room carefully, taking a couple steps in. Levi grips your hand tight and you return the gesture. Stay still, stay silent and you wouldn't be seen. That's what you told yourself, over and over again in your head. Silent and still.

   After about a full minute they decide there's no one in the room and walk out, closing the door behind them, leaving you in the darkness. You let a small sigh of relief escape your lips and your grip on the Levi loosens as your muscles relax. They were gone now, and you were safe...kind of. You were still a little paranoid about being unable to see, but at least they were gone.

   After about another fifteen minutes the speakers crackle to lie again. The words 'all clear' were spoken multiple time. You and Levi didn't waste any time rushing out of the closet. You squint at the brightness of the fluorescent light, but thank them at the same time. You head straight back to your math class through the crowd of nervous and excited people. There was police in the school and people were getting overwhelmed by all that was happening, some were even crying now.

   Once you get back to class you sit down next to Levi in the naturally lit classroom. It was over, there was no more danger. It was taken care of, and you couldn't be happier about that fact.

   It was at that moment that you realized something. Something that made your heart skip and a feeling of giddiness wash over you. You had realized that even though the danger wash gone, and there was no reason for it any more, Levi hadn't let go of your hand. He still had it tucked into his. Your eyes meet and you feel safe. Levi could be your new friend, maybe even more, he could be your new boyfriend if he wanted to be. But most importantly, he could be your new night light.
The Lockdown-Levi X Nyctophobic Reader
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Hope you enjoyed!



    Cool rain falls from the sky as I make my way home, cursing myself for not having a car, or at least an umbrella. Those kinds of things tend to slip my mind too often. The again, it was warranted. I spent my money on things to protect myself before I spent it something like an umbrella. Although, a car might not be such a bad investment. Regardless, right now I'm stuck walking in the rain. It was getting late and all I wanted to do was get home and crawl under my blankets and lie my head down on the soft pillow of mine. My house was in better shape than most people's and I liked it that way. It wasn't big, but it was cozy and always kept clean. I made my bed every morning and made sure that the dishes were done and the floor was swept. Some people just didn't care, but like to take care of what I worked so hard to pay for.


    A sudden coldness around my right foot makes me look down to see that I've stepped right in a huge puddle. Great, now my foot is full of freaking disgusting, muddy water. I sigh and as I go to continue walking  something catches my attention. Down the street I spot a bright red umbrella. It appeared to be in the hands of a girl. I get a little closer, making sure to be careful. I wasn't exactly on good terms with lots of people, and they would do a lot to hurt me, that included trying to lure me in with young women. Apparently being a twenty one year old to everyone else meant all I wanted was a ton of girls throwing themselves at me. But this girl looked different. She wasn't wearing tight clothing and her pants went down to her ankle, instead of stopping at what I could only describe as the middle of her butt. Actually, she was dressed nice. Her leather boots didn't have a single scuff and her long button up coat was in perfect condition. Even her nails on the hand holding the red umbrella looked manicured to perfection. She didn't look like she belonged on this side of town. I sneak up on her and lean against the walls beside her, crossing my arms and putting on my cold mask.


    "I think your on the wrong side of town Princess." She jumps and turns to see me, my eyes meeting hers. At that moment I do a double take. I had seen a lot of girls in my days, but none of them compared to her in my eyes. Her bright (e/c) eyes are the first thing that catches my attention. I also notice the way her (h/c) hair falls smoothly. Her features weren't necessarily sharp and beautiful, but they weren't cute, they were completely unique. But I only let myself stare for a second.


    "Excuse me?" She asks, sounding a little offended.


    "Did you not hear me the first time?" I ask, earning a bit of a glare.


    "What are you implying?" She asks, her perfect lips bending to form the words.


    "I'm saying that designer clothes are sold on the other side of town, so I'm thinking you should leave." I stand up straight and run a hand through my dark hair. She's watching me carefully, her free hand close to her designer bag. I can only imagine what she's thinking about me. I wasn't exactly what you would call well off, and even though I try to keep myself as clean and neat as possible she could probably tell that I was what some people would call a 'gangster' or a 'thug'. But I wasn't a bad guy, I worked hard for what I owned, and it wasn't like I would hurt anybody. At least, not if they didn't do something to deserve it first. But I wasn't, and never would be a killer. I was a good guy, I was just born into a poor family, and that wasn't my fault. This girl though, she was lucky.


    "Oh? And what makes you think I can't handle myself?" Oh, I see how it's going to be.


    "Well, just look at you." I gesture to her clothes. "Now, I'm a nice guy, so of course I myself am not going to hurt you. However, some of the other people around here, aren't as nice as I am. And k can't stay and protect you, so I suggest you leave now princess."


    "What's your name?" She asks.


    "Why do you want to know?" She sighs.


    "Just answer the question." I decide to humor her.


    "It's Levi."


    "Okay, Levi." The way my name rolls off her tongue makes me feel something strange. Like, an...attraction. Not in a sexual way. It's weird that I feel like I want to be near her. Was I developing a crush? It was hard to tell. I wasn't one to develop silly feelings like crushes.


    "Have you ever heard of the expression 'don't judge a book by its cover' Levi?" She waits for a reaction.


    "Maybe I have..." I shrug.


    "Well I think you'd do good to think about that expression next time you see someone." She looks smug, but I know exactly what I'm going to say to her.


    "So, your saying that when you first saw me you didn't think I was some kind of hardened criminal or thug?" She doesn't say anything. "Because, I saw your hand fly to your bag pretty fast when you first saw me, and oh, would you look at that, it's still there."


    She looks down and then drops her hand to her side. "Okay fine, we'll call it even then, and I'm apologizing. So, sorry, I shouldn't jump to conclusions, but you did sneak up on me."


    "Sure, whatever helps you sleep at night." I say. "Now I've got to run." I walk away then, leaving her standing on the street corner.


    "Wait, Levi!" I turn to see her coming towards me. She holds out her hand that holds the umbrella. I look at her feeling confused. "Take it."


    "I'm not taking your umbrella."


    "I'm giving it to you. My car is just down the street, and you look like you need it." She holds it out closer to me.


    "I don't take charity." I might not have much, but j had my pride.


    "Please, take it. It's not charity." She insures me.


    "Yes it is. Go to your car, before someone sees you with me." She growls quietly. She stands still as I once again walk away from her. "I'll see you around Princess."


    And without a glance back, I go home to bed.





    I wake up, swinging my feet over the edge of my mattress with a groan. I dress in my work clothes and brush my hair and teeth. I walk out of my house and try to wake myself up more by heading down to the local coffee shop. It was going to be a long day, and I don't know if I could get through it without some kind of coffee or tea at some point. I preferred tea over coffee, but I was right by the shop so it would have to do for now. I walk in to the shop, hearing a little bell ring, announcing my arrival and I go up to the counter waiting behind another person in line. Once I get up I order my coffee and wait patiently for it to be made. Once it's done the barista slides a sleeve on the to go cup and I pick it up, saying a quiet thank you as I go. I feel my outdated phone buzz in my pocket and I reach down and pull out the phone, reading the message as I move in the direction of the door. It was from my friend Erwin. He was wondering what time I'd be coming into work today.


    I slide my phone open to reply when I feel an impact and I stumble back a few steps. I open my eyes to see my coffee spilled all down the white blouse of a young woman. I open my mouth to apologize, but instantly freeze when I see her standing in front of me. She was even more stunning the the bright light of the shop. Her face showed that she was in pain, most likely from the hot coffee all over her, but she was still beautiful, I feel even more captivated than I the night before. She looks like she's about to say something to me, but has the same reaction I did when she sees me. "Levi?" she asks.


    "Yeah, it's me." I watch her flip her hair away from her eyes.


    "What a coincidence, eh?" She laughs bit.


    "I don't know, was it?" I say. It takes her second to realize what I'm implying.


    "You think I'm following you?" she asks.


    "Hey, I'm just saying, what are the odds?" I turn away from her then, making my way out of the shop. I hear her fumbling over her words behind me.


    "Don't you at least want another cup of coffee?" She asks. Dammit. she was right, I did want coffee.


    "Look Princess, I've got somewhere I need to be. It's a little something called a job. Your probably not familiar with the term." I hear her growl and I smirk. I open the door, the bell sounding off again and begin walking down he sidewalk. I sip the small amount of liquid that's in my cup and throw it into a nearby garbage can. I should've apologized to Princess, but there was something about her. Whenever I was with her my mind went from perfectly fine to flustered. But at least some of my sass was still intact. I picture her face and refrain from smiling. It was impossible not to think about her. I was supposed to be a hardened thug, that's how everyone saw me anyway, and sure. sometimes I would step into that role if need be, but this girl melted me like butter.It almost made me angry, but at the same time, I couldn't help but love the feeling a bit...okay, so I might have a small crush. That was okay, right? Or maybe it wasn't. She was rich, I could tell that much. I really wasn't rich. We came from opposite worlds, so it would never work, at least not how I saw it. But secretly, I wished it could.


    The honking of a car horn pulls me out of my thoughts. I turn and see her face through the window of a fancy looking car. "Levi!"


    I sigh. "What is it now Princess?"


    She stops her car and I walk up to the passenger side window. "I brought you a new coffee." She picks up the cup and taunts me a bit.




    "Yeah! You want it?" She asks.


    "Actually yes."


    "Get in the car." I raise my eyebrows at him.




    "If you want the coffee, get in the car. Simple." She gives me a smile that makes my heart flutter. It was uncontrollable.




    "Because I want to talk to you." She says it so smoothly.


    "How do I know I can trust you?" She chuckles.


    "Would you just get in the car?" She smiles wider and shakes her head a fraction.


    "Fine." I say, climbing into the passenger seat. She hands me the cup and I sip it. It wasn't what I usually ordered, but it was delicious. Better than what I usually drink, of course I would never ask her what it was. I tend to want to babble around her, and that question had too much babbling potential.


...oh boy do I feel like an idiot.


    "So Levi, where do you work?" She moves the car into motion.


    "I just started to work in construction." I reply in a cool tone. "You got a job Princess?"


"Yes...and no." She pauses. "I mean I do have a job, but I'm taking some time off."


    "Must be nice." I mumble.


    "Not for me..." She barely even whispers the words, so I barely hear her. I want to ask her what she means, but I don't want to push her. We didn't even know each other all that well. "...So where do I go?"




    "To get to your work. How do I get there?" She asks.


    "Just turn right at the light and keep going straight for a while. I'll tell you when we get close." I steal a glance at her profile, admiring her features. The rest of the ride there is silent. "Thanks for the ride. And uh, sorry for the coffee."


    "No problem. I'll see you later Levi." I nod and pull on my hard hat and walk away.



    "Who was that girl you wee with earlier?" Erwin asks me.


    "Somebody I met last night. She gave me a lift to work." I explain. I also realize that I don't know her name. I just called her princess.


    "Oh? You gonna see her again?" He asks.


    I hope so, I think.






    After a long day of work I go home to find a package sitting on my doorstep. I stare at it for a second, debating whether or not to pick it up. I bend down to look at it. It was quite long, but not very tall. It wasn't taped closed, and I could see a slip of paper inside. I sigh, my hot breath colliding with the cool air around me and open the package. A black umbrella sits inside. I pick it up, inspecting it carefully. It seemed to be good quality. I grab the note and it confirms just what I was thinking.


    Dear Levi,

    I'm sorry about this morning, I should really watch where I'm going, huh? Anyways, if you won't take my umbrella, then please take this one. After all I had to ask around to get your address, and it's not charity. Keep dry Levi.

                                  Love, 'Princess'


    It was kind of sweet, and I really did appreciate the thought. Damn, everything this girl did made me like her even more. She wasn't making it easy to be able to say that we shouldn't be together. No, she was making it quite difficult for me to not ask her out. Then again, maybe I should, clearly the difference in lifestyle didn't bother her. But did it bother me? I don't think it would matter that much if we really liked each other. Maybe we could overlook it? I would like to try.


    I take my umbrella, box and paper into my house. I fold the piece of paper carefully and go to slip it into the drawer of my nightstand, but I see something stops me. On the back of the paper a sequence of numbers is written. It's a phone number, and I'm assuming it's hers. I pull my own phone out of my pocket and dial the number on the paper. It only takes her a few rings to answer. "Hello?" Her smooth voice asks.


    "Hey Princess."


    "Levi!" I smirk at her excitement. "Did you get my gift?"


    "No, I just guessed your phone number." I hear her chuckle on the other end.


    "Do you like it? I didn't know what colour you would like, so I got black." The words come out rushed.


    "The colour is good." I assure her. The we talk for a while. She tells me about herself, her family, where she's from. Her favourite colour. I talk about myself too. I tell her about her about myself too. About how prefer tea over coffee, about how my mom died when I was young and I was raised by my uncle who just happened to be a stereotypical thug, which she thinks explains a lot about me. I even tell her about Isabel and Farlan, about the incident that resulted in their deaths just a couple years ago. It really took everything I had to get over their deaths, I don't know if I could ever do something like that again. We talked for hours, and by the end of it I knew so much about her now, I even found out her real name was (f/n), not princess, although she said she didn't mind the nickname. And even though she was rich, she wasn't snotty or self absorbed like I thought she would be. Maybe she was right, maybe I judged her too much by her appearance last night. I work up all my courage to say what I do next. "(F/n)?"


    "What?" She asks.


    "Do you want to come over for dinner? Tomorrow maybe?" I God...smooth Levi, real smooth. She giggles.


    "Do you really think I would say no?" I sigh and run a hand through my dark hair. "What time would this dinner be at exactly?"


    "How about six thirty?" I ask.


    "Sounds great Levi, I'll see you then."


    "See you." And then I hang up the phone.





    I check my appearance one last time in the mirror. I was dressed in good jeans, a button up and my hair was combed back. I thought I looked fine, I hope (f/n) would too. The timer of the oven going off catches my attention. I had made lasagna. Was she a vegetarian? She had never mentioned it. But she had never said anything about lasagna, what if she didn't like it?! Should I make something else? What did she like? We had talked for hours, how could j not have asked her that? Ugh, I'm a nervous wreck. I better pull myself together before she gets here.

    Just after I take the lasagna out of the oven and place it next to the pie I made earlier the doorbell rings. I rush to answer it, not wanting to keep her waiting, but I do make sure to take a single deep breath before opening the door to her. She looked even more stunning tonight than she had before. Her hair was done to perfection, and she had just a hint of makeup on, something that I liked. She was wearing a dress with a belt around the waist, and it stopped around her knees.


    She walks in and looks around. I should've taken her out, my house may have been clean, but it was simple and small, the opposite of what she was usually surrounded by. "Hey." I greet her.


    "Hey, Levi. It smells great in here, what did you make?" Well, at least she liked the smell of my food.


    "I made lasagna, and pie for desert. You eat meat right?" She chuckles as she walks into the kitchen. I pull out a chair for her and she sits.


    "Yes Levi, I do eat meat." Okay. That's good. Relax, I tell myself. It's just a girl. An exceptional one at that.


    "You got here right on time, I barely got the food out of the oven." I tell her.


    "Good, then it'll warm still." I dish her and I both a plate and set them on the table I pour wine in our glasses. She smiles at me and cuts a piece away from her lasagna. She waits for it to cool a bit and then sticks it in her mouth. I wait for a sign of approval. "Levi, this is delicious."


    "Why do you sound so surprised?" I ask.


    "Oh, do I?" We continue eating, talking over the food and occasionally sipping the wine. It wasn't as high quality as she was probably used to, but she didn't complain. I liked that. We joked around and enjoyed ourselves during dessert as well. It turns out I made her favourite pie too, I was on a roll.


    Soon all the food was gone, but we stilled talked, covering things that we had missed the night before. (F/n) was in the middle of laughing when all the lights suddenly shut off, causing her to let out a yelp. Since the blinds were closed and it was night it was pretty dark in my house. "Hold on, think I have some candles." I say. I get up to grab the candles and stumble over something that I can't see.


    "Here," (f/n) says, lighting the flashlight on her phone. She trails behind me as I reach up into the cupboard, barely being able to reach the candles and lighter. I do get them down though, and I light them on the table. They cast a dim light over us both. There are shadows cast on (f/n)'s face, the skin of which looks completely flawless in this light. Our eyes meet and the whole world seems to stop around us. We lean into each other and our lips soon meet. The same feeling I get when I'm around her courses through me, but so intense it takes my breath away. My heart flips as our lips move around each other. It felt so natural, so right.


    When we break away she looks at me and smiles, my stomach is full of butterflies the entire time. "Why don't you stay tonight?" I ask her. It was getting late, and I didn't necessarily mean it to imply intimacy, after all it was the first date. "And I mean sleep," I add.


    "Thanks Levi, but I have an appointment tomorrow morning that I can't miss." She stands and grabs her bag. I walk her to the door and we share a final kiss before she goes to her car. Right before she gets in she turns back. "But, you know, I wouldn't mind doing this again some time."


    "I'll call you." I say. And there was no doubt in my mind that I would



-One month later-


    (F/n) and I lie snuggled up on the couch. We had seen each other almost every day for l the past five weeks, and honestly it was like we had known each other our entire lives. I never wanted to be away from her. Sometimes she would behave appointments or go to visit her mom, and sometimes I was working, but most of our spare moments were spent together, or on the phone. We hadn't known each other long, but I knew without a doubt that I had ever loved someone so much or in the same way I loved her. She was smart, beautiful and funny. She made me want to smile. We had done lots together. We had taken each other to our favourite restaurants, went to museums and art galleries. We had taken walks in the rain, because it was one of her favourite things to do. I didn't love them, but I didn't mind going with her, carrying my black umbrella.


    People had started to notice me not with my friends as much and they knew I had that I had someone special in my life now, and that scared me. I guess you could say I was part of gang, although it didn't feel like it. We were more like a large group of friends who stood up for ourselves in time of need. And yes, we had enemies, and yes lots of them were due to something I had done in the past when I was younger and not as smart. I had learned now what was okay and what was not. However, some people hadn't forgiven me yet, and they had made attempts to hurt me, a couple times even kill me before. And I was terrified they were going to go after (f/n) to get the ultimate revenge. I don't know what I'd do if she died, she had become such a big part of my life. I run my hand through her soft hair and I feel her smile against my arm. "I love you Levi." The words make my heart flutter. I pull her closer to me.


    "I love you too Princess." Our lips are centimeters apart when somebody knocks on my door. I  sigh and push myself off of the couch and open the door. On the other side Erwin stands tall. When (f/n) sees him she stands too. They hadn't met yet, but they both knew about each other.


    "Who is this?" (F/n) asks.


    "This is my friend Erwin." I say  she extends her hand to him.


    "Oh, Erwin!" She smiles. "I'm (f/n), I'm Levi's-"


    "Oh trust me, I know who you are." Erwin assured her. "Levi never quits talking about you." Thanks Erwin. Thanks for that.


    "Really?!" Erwin nods and steps into the house. "Awww." She hugs me tight and playfully ruffles my hair.


    "So, did you need anything Erwin?" I ask.


    "No, nothing in particular, just came to visit. But if you're busy, then I'll just go." He moved for the door, but (f/n) stops him.


    "No, stay! We can get to know each other. Why don't we go out for lunch, my treat." Erwin puts on a smug smile. He had planned this.


    "Okay," he says. "why not."


    And so we grab out things and get in (f/n)'s car, which Erwin talks about a lot on the way there. He was kind of in love with it. Once we get to the restaurant, which is a little fancy, we get seated and start to look through the menus. It was a little expensive, I suppose that's why she wanted to pay for it. Erwin didn't seem to care at all, so I decided not to let it get to me. It was okay for her to pay sometimes, it wouldn't make me a bad boyfriend.


    "So, how long have you and Levi been friends?" (F/n) asks Erwin as the waiter sets our food down.


    "When was it, grade nine? Ten?" Erwin asks.


    "Ten." I answer.


    "Oh, did you meet at school?" Oh boy, there was no coming back from this story.


    "Actually," Erwin starts. "Levi and a couple other kids were getting in trouble from some shop owner who was threatening to call the cops, and maybe rough them up a bit for stealing." I watch (f/n)'s facial expression turn unreadable. "So me, being the good person I am walk over there. The other two played right along with my plan, pretending I was an officer. I was pretty tall then, and was younger than I looked so the owner believed me, and guess Levi did too, 'cause he started putting up a fight. So, to convince the owner not to call more cops I had to get him to stop putting up a fight I had to do I put this lightly? I knocked him up a bit 'till he ended up being out cold. No worries though, I took him back to my place and fixed him up and waited for to wake up." He stops and chuckles a bit. "When he did wake up he tried to come at me but," he laughs again. "he was so much shorter than me that it literally took one of my hands to hold him back. But, once I cleared things up for him we became pretty good friends, and it just kind of stuck."


    "Your kidding right?" (F/n) asks, not able to hold back her laughter.


    "Oh, no. I could never make something like that up." The rest o the night we spend exchanging stories and laughing. I actually quite enjoyed myself, but our evening was cut short when (f/n) said she had to go meet up with her mom. After she paid she dropped Erwin and I back at my house and left.


    "She's a keeper Levi." Erwin when we get inside.


    "Yeah, she sure is."



-Three months later-


    (F/n) sits across from me, reading the newspaper as the birds sing outside and she sips her coffee, and I my tea. I notice how she's done her makeup already, and how more was being applied to her face more and more lately. I wonder what's making her so insecure. "(F/n)?" I ask.


    "Yes Levi?"


    "Why-?" I get cut off by the ringing of her phone. She picks it up and looks at the screen.


    "It's my mom, I'll be right back." She stands and walks out of the room. I hear her answer 'hello?'. Something seemed off about her lately. She was always gone somewhere. She claimed it was appointments, but she would never say what for. And she was always getting calls, but it was always just her mom or her friend (friend's name). It made me wonder what she was really doing and who she was really talking to. I hated not trusting her, but I couldn't help it, after all I was me. There were so many better guys for her out there. I would talk to her tomorrow. It would give me time to think about what to say, and to prepare myself for what might happen.



-The next day-


    I hold a bouquet of flowers in my hand and walk home. I didn't want to be a total jerk about the whole situation, so I hoped this would be like a peace offering. I was in no mood to fight. I make it to my front step and see that (f/n) isn't there yet. We would meet soon, so I would have to keep an eye out for her car.


    I hear my phone ring and reach down into my pocket. When I look at the screen it's a picture of (f/n) smiling. "Hey, what's up?"


    "Is this Levi?" An unfamiliar voice answers me.


    "Uh, yeah, who is this?"


    "This is (friend's name), (f/n)'s friend."


    "Oh," I say plainly.


    "I'm calling about (f/n)." She says.


    "Why? What happened?" I grow slightly panicked.


     "Something's happened. She's in the hospital now, and she's asking for you." What?! The hospital?


    "I'm on my way." The hospital is far. I'll need a car. I dial Erwin's number and wait for him to answer.




    "I need your car."




    "I need you car."




    "Erwin, I need you car."


    "Okay, I'll pick you up at your house."


    A few minutes later I get in Erwin's car. He asks me where to go and I answer with the single word 'hospital'. He doesn't ask any questions. When we get there he follows me in. I pressure the hospital staff to get her room number.

    Everything around me turns into a blur and I block out all noise. My feet the floor as I speed up to a run.  It takes me a while to get to her room, even pushing my way through all of the people. My heart beats so hard and fast I think it might be a good thing I'm in a hospital. I just needed to get to her. I need my princess to hold on. I need her to know I tried. I need her make make it.

    I get to her room and flung open the door. Erwin stays at the frame, watching as I move past her mother and who I'm assuming is her friend and sit down on the hospital bed. Her weak heartbeat plays over the machines and every breath she takes is labored. "(F/n)?" I whisper to her, grabbing her hand and gripping it tightly between my two larger ones. She opens her mouth to speak, but she can't seem to get words out. She weakly reaches out with her free hand and grabs an envelope, handing it to me. I take it and set it down next to me in the bed. I watch tears well up in her eyes as she looks at me. I feel mine do the same and I lean closer to her, resting my forehead on hers. I squeeze my eyes shut and tears fall onto her cheeks, mixing with her own.


    I hear her heartbeat quicken and I back away a bit. And then like a punch in the gut, the worst sound I've ever heard fills my ears, the sound of her flat lining. The monitor lets out a screech and a nearby doctor or nurse rushes into the room, calling a code. Her mother, (friend's name) and Erwin move out of the way, but I stay. I know she's not going to live, and my body feels numb. The doctors pull me off as I cry and call her name. They start trying to bring her back, shocking her chest with high voltage, but nothing works. Everybody starts to break down. Even Erwin sheds a few tears. Her mother sets a hand on my shoulder. "Levi?" I don't give an answer. I can't. "She's been sick for so long, she won't suffer any more."


   Sick. Of course. She wasn't being unfaithful. Those calls were from who she said they were from, a worried friend and mother. And those appointments were to the doctor. How could I have thought she would do that? How could I have been so blind? She would never say another word to me, it was over. Even the doctors have given up now. They take the equipment away from her and one of them comes to tell us that they weren't able to save her. I rush back into the room and look down at her lifeless body. I wrap it up in my arms, pressing our faces together. She was the love of my life, and now she was gone. It didn't feel right, how someone could be here one minute and gone the next. It was all wrong! This wasn't supposed to happen! She never told me she was sick! I wasn't ready to let her go!


    What I wouldn't give for one last chance to say I love her. One more chance to say that I always will. One more smile on her gorgeous face. One more chance at happiness. I would give my life for it. I feel sting hands, I'm assuming Erwin's helping me up and taking me out of the room. I don't speak. He takes me away to a corner and we sit on the floor. "She never told me she was sick." I finally say. "She never told me I would have to let her go."


    "Would that have stopped you?" Erwin asks.


    "No," I would do this a thousand times over, as long as I could have her on my life.


    "Read the letter." Erwin states.




    "The envelope, read what it says. Those were her last words to you. Your going to want to hear them."


    I take out the envelope and stare at it. Her last words, the ones that she couldn't speak, were written in here. I open it up, taking a deep breath to prepare myself. The first thing I see inside is a picture, one of me and her when we first started dating, a huge smile on her face and a smaller one of mine. My eyes were happy. The next thing I do is unfold a piece of paper where (f/n) has handwritten her last words. I read them to myself.


       Dear Levi,

     Please don't be mad. I was wanted to tell you, I really did, but I didn't want to ruin our time together wetting about whether or not I was going to get better. You were the best thing that ever happened to me Levi, I hope you know that. I thought I knew what love felt like, but until I met you I was missing out. From the first time I saw you I was under your spell. Truth is, I saw you go into the coffee shop that first day, and I couldn't help but follow you. It was hard to not tell you all about being sick that first night we talked in the phone for hours, and it got harder the longer we were together. I kept getting worse, and I was thinking it might be time to say something, but you seemed so happy. I know after you lost your friends you took it really hard, but you said that Erwin helped you through it. So, I talked to him a little while ago. I told him. I begged him not to tell you, even though he said he was going to. Don't be mad at him. So, for my last words to you I want to say, move past me. Move on. You can find love again, and you don't have to feel bad. Our love was my best, and on some level I think it was like the universe was granting my dying wish. But you Levi, you have a whole life ahead of you. It's okay to be sad, but I want you to go and live your life, get your wish to come true. But just so you know, I'm expecting you to be at my funeral. Anyways, you Levi Ackerman made the last few months the best of my life. In return I'd like you to accept my money. It's not charity, I promise. Take it, use it. You deserve it. I'm crying as I write this write now, so I better finish up quick. I love you Levi. And I hope we can meet again some day, but for now, this is goodbye. One last time I'm going to say it. I love you.

         Love, your princess, (f/n) (l/n).



    In the envelope, behind where the paper was a cheque waits. I look at the amount and I can't believe it. It would be enough to get me into college, university. I could become anything I wanted. This girl may have thought of our love as her dying wish come true, but she was like my life's dream come true. I weep for her death, but she'll never really be gone, not as long as I love her. But for now this was goodbye. And so, in the empty hallway of the hospital I whisper my first and last parting words to her. "I'll see you around Princess."

He Calls Me Princess-Levi X Reader
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You hear a loud noise coming from somewhere in the distance. It sounded angry. You start towards the direction of the sound, being careful no to get too close. It takes a few minutes you a couple minutes to get to where the noise came from. You were being extra careful seeing as you still hadn't found anybody else yet, and judging by the list people were fading fast. You poke your head out to see a small clearing. I looked like at another time it would be a beautiful place. It had long grass that was only a little brown from the fall weather. the flowers that lined the trees were still quite bright, you could even hear water in the distance. At any other time, it would be a good place to sit, read, or collect you thoughts, but right now it was the scene of a crime. Three figures were there, two were standing over the third. The first two were tall, and one was big, and blonde, was...Reiner, and...Bertolt. They were standing over a smaller figure who seemed to be breathing uneven, struggling to keep himself alive. It was Levi. His small, muscular body was lying there on the cold ground. "Come on Reiner, we should go."

    "Yeah, who's next?" Reiner asks. Next for what...?

    "I don't know." Bertolt says quietly.

    "We're supposed to finish off Jean and be done for a while. Of course we should wait a while, we don't want the rest getting suspicious." A small, emotionless blonde enters the clearing, catching Reiner and Bertolt's attention.

    "Annie..." Bertl sighs. She scared him. It didn't surprise you, he was a gentle boy, you weren't sure how he was able to stomach hurting others.

    "We should leave, he'll be coming to pick him up soon. We did a real number on him after all." Reiner says.

    "C'mon then." Annie says, walking away. The other two follow her, leaving poor Levi alone, apparently to be picked up soon. Picked up by him.

    You wait for a while after they leave before sprinting over to your friend. You put one of your dirt covers hands on his pale face that was covered in blood from a deep cut and some dirt. He was most likely disgusted by that fact. He had never liked to be unclean, and you had watched him obsess over cleanliness for years. H was truly a one of a kind person, and you would be lying if you said you hadn't developed a small crush on him...okay, it might be a but more than a small crush. In a way you loved him. You didn't know if you could deal with him dying, how would you live with yourself? Right now he looked nothing like his usual self. His raven locks were messy and tangled, his pale skin was blood and bruised from being beaten. He looked like he was knocking on death's door right now, and the sight brought stinging tears to your eyes. you run your hand through his hair and slowly slide your arms underneath him, pulling him up into a tight hug. You hugged him as if you could save him with your embrace. You hugged him as if it was the last time you'd ever touch him before his death or yours, which you now realize it might just be.You brought his face to his as your tears ran down your frozen cheeks and onto his. You rub his back with a caring touch, wishing he knew how you felt, even just for a minute before the end. It was weird how much you missed him, even though he was lying in your arms. his body was limp and his breathing was uneven, you could even feel his weak heartbeat. It was like he was already gone, and there was no way for you to save him.

    You pull away, looking down at his face. you wipe your tears from his face, taking away a bit of the gross. His usually perfect skin was so flawed now. It was hard to believe that he was one of the first ones to go down. Were they trying to eliminate the strong first? Armin was the smarts, and Levi was definitely a fighter, although it was clear that Reiner and Bertolt at the same time were too much to handle for him when he was already injured by the one leading this whole thing. You had seen that man, he was large and strong, and Levi was so little in comparison. You couldn't help but wonder what he did to Levi. After how he treated and spoke to you, it was impossible to think that him and Levi would've gotten along. Levi liked to be his own boss, you had learned that many times over. You could hear his voice in your head, talking about how stupid he thought something one of his teachers did that really peeved him off in particular that day. You could hear that little 'tch' noise he made when he got annoyed, it was something you teased him about often. And he always replied with another 'tch' of annoyance. He had always been unique, perfect and invincible in your eyes. These memories made you want to fight. Not only for yourself, not only for Armin, but for the friend that you loved, the one and only Levi. You were determined to at least tell him how you felt before one of you died, because you never wanted to leave his side. You didn't care if it made you sound needy, or clingy, or like some love struck high school student who didn't know any better, you wanted him to want you back and to be with him, and so you would need a plan.

First you would try the chat. You weren't sure if he would let you send a message, or if you would even be able to send it with the horrible signal, but you had to try. You pull out your now filthy phone and open the chat.

(Your Username): Hey, is anybody here? I need help.

COLOSSAL_KICKS: Why what happened?!

    That faker. You knew that he was a traitor, and of course he would be the one to respond. He was making this so much more difficult! A noise resembling the whale calls made by Dory from 'Finding Nemo' escaped your lips. Should you even respond? You didn't want them coming after you, the fight would be over before it started, but you didn't want them to know you knew. This was not okay! This whole night was a scarring experience and you wanted it to be over. Usually you would put all your faith in caring Bertl, but now you knew the truth. How could you have missed it? He would hurt you if he had to, look what he had helped do to Levi. You were clearly a bad judge of character. You had a feeling that after tonight you might have some trust issues. You stare at his username wondering how the gentle soccer star you once thought of as a saint could do this to you. You eyes scan your screen for a few more seconds looking at everything written on it many times. Your battery was low, only 15%, you better hurry up and decide.

(Your Username): I'm just hurt, I thought maybe someone could come to my rescue...or at least as much as they can right now, but don't worry, I'll be fine. I can defend myself...I think.

    You weren't sure if it sounded like your usual self, but hopefully it would convince him to leave you alone. You needed another way to get help then...just somebody to help you find somewhere safe and move Levi. Then you could try and get help again. You have to keep remaining yourself to think it all through, because you had to do this.

ANONYMOUS: Don't worry (f/n), we'll be moving on to the next part of the game soon. Rest up.

    Why did you have a bad feeling about this?

TIT4N.SL4Y3R.: Next part, you mean this isn't enough for you, you psychopath?!

    Eren would do himself some good by keeping quiet. When Levi said something he was personally sought out. Eren wouldn't handle that so well. The problem is that he's the biggest hothead ever and keep his thoughts to himself, but I guess he'll learn his lesson soon enough...wait, you shouldn't think that, you should be trying to get all of them out of this damned park, not accepting doomed fates.

ANONYMOUS: Oh, you just wait and see my Eren.

    You could practically see/hear Eren screaming with anger. Then again, that wasn't really anything special. It happened too much for you own liking actually. But at this point, even you felt like angry Eren screaming. You stand up and grab Levi under his arms, you had to at least get him out of the open. You struggle to pull him across the ground, taking large, slow steps. He was a lot heavier than he looks. You feel your skin heat up, even though the air surrounding it has grown cold as the longest night of your life has dragged on. You mange to get Levi to the tree line after a while, and you drop him, letting out a sigh. It would take you forever to get him somewhere safer, so this would have to do. you plop down next to him and contemplate what you could possibly do next. You now knew that something was going to happen soon, this man sure didn't like to sit back and let things happen. he was a very impatient man, and obviously had something planned.

    You lie Levi's head on your leg and absentmindedly stroke his dark locks as you stare up at the stars shining brightly above you, a beautiful light against the black, cloudless sky. It was mesmerizing in way. They looked so peaceful and simple, standing stationary in the vast sky, no worries. They would burn for years and years, and then one day they would just burn out, no fear, no feeling of loss or sadness, in a way you envied the brilliant balls of light. But there was one thing that you had that the stars didn't, and that was someone close to you, someone you could hold. So, you do exactly that. You position yourself on the ground next to Levi and wrap your cold arms around him. You feel what little body heat he had warming you up and you welcomed it. You hadn't realized how tired you were before this point, but now as you hold Levi close and stare at the dark abyss above you, you find your eyelids drooping and your body feeling heavier and heavier by the second. You bury your face in Levi's chest and sigh. For a moment it all seemed to melt away as you lie there. The ground was hard and cold, but Levi was warm, and even though he was injured, his breathing was closer to normal and it was comforting, and you were so, so...tired...

~Timeskip as you sleep~

    You wake up from your slumber when you feel Levi moving next to you and a hand trailing down your arm. Was he awake? "Levi?" you ask.

    "Ha, think again my darling." You snap your eyes open to see him standing over you, a still unconscious Levi is slumped in a sitting position in his arms. You sit up quickly and reach out for your friend, trying to pull him away from the man. He pulls Levi away from you and stands, picking Levi up off of the ground. "He's mine now."

    "Hey!" You pounce at the man, making him stumble backwards, but not drop Levi or fall down. You throw a kick at him, attempting to hit his leg and knock him off balance, but to your surprise he grabs your leg, twisting it and throwing you to the ground, all the while balancing Levi on his shoulder. You grunt and struggle to stand with your still sleepy body.

    "If you want him back, all you have to do is follow." He takes off then, faster than you expected, hard to see with all the trees. Regardless you run after him, determined to get to Levi. Your sore feet hit the hard, browning ground step after step as you run. You maneuver your way through the branches hanging down in the midnight air, being careful to duck out of the way as to not get poked. You can hear the fallen coloured leaves crunching beneath your feet and smell the scent of rain. You don't know how long you chase after them, but eventually you start to slow down. You see the two figures begin to disappear in the distance, blurred by the slight fog. It was something straight out of a movie, a scary one at that.

    You race down the hill, slipping on dewy grass and tumbling down, the cut on your leg opening, blood trailing down your leg. You hold you now aching leg in a careful way, breathing through the pain. You stand up slowly, squeezing your eyes shut as pain shoots up you leg. You expected a twisted ankle. You begin to limp to take off to Levi when you realize that you have no idea where they went. You move yourself in a slow circle staring through the worsening fog feeling hopeless. Could this night get any worse? You run your hands through your hair, starting to feel the stress really getting to you. You stumble to flatter ground and support yourself on one of the thousands of trees. Just breath, right? In, and out. Isn't that what you're supposed to do when you get overwhelmed? Breathe, count to ten? Well either way, they weren't working!

    You see flashing lights in the corners of your eyes, catching your attention. You turn yourself around to see a tall post not to far off, and there was some kind of building right by it. You force yourself to move, even though your ankle is screaming in protest and your head is pounding. It's too late to turn back now. You breaths get quicker the longer you walk, sweat beading on your forehead. All the hairs on your neck and arms stand on end as you make you way towards the building. You knew it had to be some kind of trap, but what else were you supposed to do? You couldn't see anything going well for you anyways, so what was the harm?

    You drag you foot at this point, silent tears streaming down your face. You were, so, so close. You had reached the tall, metal light post, resting your weight against it. You now had a good view of the building. It looked like some kind of old, abandoned place. And it was...huge, terrifyingly so. You mentally shout curses at the sight. How were you supposed to find Levi in this place? It almost looked like it could have been some kind of factory in the past, but there was no way they would've put a factory in the middle of the park, so you couldn't help but wonder what exactly it was. It couldn't have been a cabin, because it wasn't made out of the right materials, in all honesty it looked like an abandoned warehouse. Which of  course is where the 'next part of the game' would be going down, because the dark, heavily treed park with weapons hidden in the ground wasn't scary enough. Speaking of weapons, your matches were still tucked away in your pocket, unopened and waiting.



Krista Lenz(mild injuries)

Annie Leonhart(waiting at the warehouse)

Connie Springer(mild injuries)

Petra Ral(waiting in the warehouse, mild injuries)

Armin Arlert(back in the game, and waiting in the warehouse,severely injured)

Sasha Braus(waiting at the warehouse)

Eren Jaeger(mild injuries)

Mikasa Ackerman

Hanji Zoe(waiting in the warehouse)


Reiner Braun(mild injuries)

Bertolt Hoover(mild injuries)

Jean Kirstein(waiting at the warehouse, injured)

Erwin Smith(mildly injured)

Levi Ackerman(waiting in the warehouse, severely injured)

(Y/n) (l/n)(will she ever quit staring and come in the warehouse? Injured)

Marco Bott

    Almost everybody had been hurt, and you had a feeling he wasn't telling the whole truth. You were pretty sure you had different ideas of what 'mild injuries' implied, and the fact that he was watching you stand outside the what was now confirmed warehouse, was creeping you out, and you knew you were supposed to go inside. But at this point it was close to the last thing you wanted to do. The list said that the others were 'waiting in the warehouse', and you weren't sure what that implied, and you didn't really want to find out...but then again, you had been on a mission. You just had to remind yourself of your purpose. Get to Levi, tell him how you feel, and then get help. It sounded a little selfish, but you were certain that your friends could last until you found him, they were strong. Or, at least that;s what you would like to think.

    "(f/n)?" You turn you head at the sound of a familiar voice. In the trees, not too far away was a short boy sporting a shaved head.

    "Connie!" You exclaim. You begin to limp towards him, and he comes running to you. He catches you in his arms as you start to fall towards the ground. Your good leg was getting very sore. You look up at your friend. His mostly hairless head was bleeding from a cut across his forehead, right above his left eye. "Are you okay? How did you get that cut on your head?!"

    "Well, I was with Sasha when all the sudden Annie came running at us out of nowhere. The blade was heading straight for Sasha, so I did the first thing I thought of. I jumped in front of her. after that Annie went running off, and Sasha ran after her, claiming that it had to be an accident. I haven't seen her since, but I guess she's waiting in there." He had always had an eye on Sasha, and she had an eye in him, bu they had never dated. You wondered if that would change after tonight. "But enough about that, what happened to you? What's with the limp?"

    "That's actually a really long story. But you should know it's not just Annie who's turned against us, it's Reiner and Bertl too." You inform him.

    "Seriously?!" He asks in disbelief.

    "Yeah, they hurt Levi. That's how I got here. I came to get him out." You explain.

    "So, should we go in?" Connie asks.

    "Yeah...I think we should." You answer.

    "Okay, here goes nothing." Connie wraps your arm that's on the side of your bad ankle around his shoulders an the two of you make you way towards the entrance. Once you enter your face makes its way into a disgusted look. The place had a weird smell that burned your nostrils and all around you was piles of rubble. The floorboards creaked as you walked and the roof looked just about ready to cave in. If you listened and looked closely in the dark you could see animals moving around in the houses they'd made among the discarded bricks, wood and garbage that was scattered on the floor. The only light in the room was coming from windows placed high up near the roof. You make your way of of that room as fast as you possibly can, which isn't very fast, but at least you had the help of Connie.

    The next place you come to is as dark as the night, the only light being what's trailed in from the attached room that's filled with dull moonlight. This room is smaller and every step you took seemed to echo in the seemingly empty room. It was unnerving how blind you were in the room. Your heart speeds up, and can hear Connie's breathing become a little irregular. You move you head around, trying to see your surroundings as you walk, but all you can make out is the odd shadow of something small sitting against the wall. And then there was another shadow, something bigger...was that, a person? "Hello (f/n)." His deep voice sounds. "And of course Connie."

    You feel yourself being ripped away from your partner as Connie is taken into the arms of the man and you fall to the ground. "Let him go!" You struggle to get back on your feet.

    "Don't worry, I'll be back for you." He presses on a pressure point that causes Connie to stop fighting and fall limp in his arms. He throws the small boy over his shoulder almost effortlessly and walks away, leaving you in the dark room alone feeling very vulnerable. You feel a tickle on you good ankle and let out a yelp. You reach down and slap your ankle, causing yourself to fall over again and find that it had been a huge spider. Great, this place is infested. The thought makes you shiver. Just imagining all the creepy crawlies all over you made you feel as if they actually were, and the fact that you couldn't see around you was making it about a thousand times worse. You close your eyes and wrap you arms around yourself, rocking slightly. You felt like you were going insane.

    You feel hands grabbing you underneath your arms and try to push them away, but you can't. You knew it was hopeless. "Stop." you say.

    "Good night (f/n)." and just like Connie your pressure point was pressed and you were asleep.

~Another Timeskip!~

    You wake feeling a bed underneath of you and your eyes shoot open. You look around, expecting to see your room, but instead see a huge broken window on one side of you and on the other were all of your friends, sleeping in the same kind of bed you were. They were all dirty and falling apart. You couldn't help but wonder how Levi would take it when he woke up. Wait...Levi! You stumble out of your creaky bed and pull yourself over to him. You place a hand on his and his eyes flutter open. "(f/n)?" he asks.

    "Yeah, it's me." You hear some of your friends beginning to wake up at the sound of your voices. You hear Krista talking to Ymir and Connie running to a groggy Sasha who sounded confused. There was other voices, but you didn't bother to listen, you were too focused on Levi.

       "Where are they?!" He asks, sitting up quickly and then falling back down into the bed with a pained look on his face.

     "I don't know, but they're not here." you say to him.

    "Where are we?"

    "In some kind of old warehouse." He takes a look around him, a disgusted look on his face.

    "Tch, it's it's absolutely freaking disgusting.

    "Yeah, that's why I think we should get out of here while we still can." You say to him. At this point everybody was out of bed, including Armin who looked half dead, and they were all panicked. Then it all stops when a booming voice is heard over what sounds like crackling speakers.

    "Now that your awake my dolls, you better run." You turn to see some kind of animal, was that...a wolf?! It was running straight towards your broken window.

    "Guys, hurry!" All of them then see what you do and begin to file out of the door. You get pushed around by the crowd of your friends, your ankle slowing you down. Levi takes notice of this and pulls you into his arms, leaving little weight left for you to carry on your feet. It slows him down a considerable amount, but you're moving much faster than before. Krista's squeals and Levi's grunts as well as occasional screams and yells are the sounds that fill the room. You can hear the growl of the wolf in the other room if you listen careful. You begin to move a little faster, but it's not quite fast enough.


    At that moment a slow, creepy melody plays through the crackling speakers, you recognize the tune as 'Pop Goes the Weasel'. The wolf runs into the room at that very moment. You were close to the exit, and everybody else had fled the building. You cling to Levi out of fear and feel something poke your leg. You reach down and feel the box of matches. The matches. You had forgotten about them. And then you see the can of gasoline sitting of to the side of the room. It was almost as if it were fate. You could send the place up in flames. It would kill the wolf, and maybe even your tormentor. Your only hope was that it wouldn't kill you. And even though Annie, Reiner and Bertl had turned out being traitors, and weren't with you now, you hoped that they could live too. But right now, you just needed this whole night to end. And that's what you were going to accomplish. You were going to win the game. "Levi," you say.

    "What?" He pulls you closer to the exit.

    "I need to get the gasoline, you go." you say to him, earning a sad look.

    "No way." He let's go of you and runs for the can. Oh no. You start towards the door, yelling at him to just comes back. He brings the can back, the wolf stalking closer and closer.

    "Levi, put it on the pile over there!" you say, motioning to the abandoned pile of wood and bricks next to you. He does as you instruct, leaving a trail of gasoline as he gets close to it. He pulls you to he door and you have just enough time to light the match and throw it at the pile. "Everybody run!" you shout. You and Levi land on the ground as the warehouse goes up in flames. The loud music stops and bright fire is all you see. It was hot. You feel a pain in your head and your body feels so weak. It was like you had lost control of your whole body. And that's when you realize, you had never told Levi. You couldn't see him now, all you could see was blurry colours. And you stayed on the ground for a long time with your eyes closed, not being able to move any part of you except for your eyelids, and even that was hard.

    After an amount of tie that you couldn't guess if your life depended on it, simply because you were so disoriented a person appeared in your view. It wasn't anybody you knew. You could hear a loud noise in the background, although you weren't sure what it was. You could hear the deep voice of the man in front of you speaking to you. It was a comforting sound, although you didn't know what he was saying to you. You did however understand when he yelled out the words, "We need a medic over here! Get her in the ambulance!"

    And then a darkness takes over you. You weren't sure if it was sleep, or if it was death but whatever it was it was peaceful and you welcomed it because the last thing you saw was Levi's face. Then your eyes closed and you felt weightless.

    In. Out. Beep. In. Out. Beep. Those were the only sounds you could hear. It was...strange. You could feel your body now. Underneath you was something soft and the air around you smelled...extremely clean. Your tired eye flutter open to find yourself in a hospital room. You turn your head slowly, looking around. Your muscles scream in protest at the movement. "Our little hero awakens." a male voice beside you says. You see a tall, dark haired doctor at you bedside, as well as a brunette nurse. You give him a confused look, because your voice seems to still be asleep. "I heard what you did. When you set that warehouse on fire it didn't take the police very long to find you guys. If they hadn't come when they did some of you might not have survived. They got the fire out before it made too much destruction, and they caught the guy trying to run off. That was very brave of you to risk your life like that, you and your other friend saved the rest of you." He meant Levi. Was he alive?

    "Levi..." Your voice is quiet.

    "What?" The doctor asks.

    " he...okay?" He takes a moment to think.

    "Oh yes, Levi. He's fine. He's going to need some recovery time though." That's a relief.

    "C-can I see him?"

    "Why don't you give it some time? You've been out for a while, but you still need some rest." The doctor explains this to you, but you didn't care. You needed to do it, before you lost that fear that was driving you all this time.

    "No," you say. "I need to see him now."

    "Please, can't you wait?" You answer but ripping the IV out of your arm and getting out of bed, limping in your wrapped ankle. "Okay, okay, you can see him, but at least let me get you a wheelchair. I'll take you to him." You nod. You wait until the doctor comes back before plopping down in it. You see the nurse staring at you funny out of the corner of your eye.

    "What?" You spit the words at him. She looks away quickly as the doctor wheels you away. He takes you though the hallways until you reach what you assume is Levi's room. He opens the door and you see a bruised and bandaged Levi lying in the bed with his own doctor by his side.

    "What is she doing here?" Levi's doctor asks.

    "I tried to stop her but she is a pretty determined person. After all she almost died on me a couple times, but of course I won that battle." You hadn't known that.

    "Ha, well then I guess we better just let her see her friend, shouldn't we?" The doctors leave and you pull up beside Levi's bed.

    "Hey," he says with a rough voice.

    "Levi," you start, but he motions for you to stop.

    "There's something I need to do first. He pulls you down into a sweet kiss, making your cheeks pink. When you both pull away he gives you something that resembles a smile, it looked good on him. "I love you (f/n) (l/n)."

    "I love you too, Levi Ackerman."

Play the Game-Levi X Reader-Part Two
And here is part two! I hope you enjoyed!

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